Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Some Retarded Shit!!!!

I know this is pretty old but DAMN....

this is another stupid ass video i spotted...lmao sooooooooo stupid!

hahaha Peace!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Boredom Never Ends! lol

Juuust goofing around....




Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2am & Bored

This is what boredom does to me...O_o


And I'm not done just yet! hahaha


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gift From Bosses

We just had a little holidays lunch here at the office. It was pretty cool...(well i thought it was gonna be gay at first, but it turned out pretty nice lol)... They had us all "anonymously" write a lil something on cards for each other and the bosses made sure we all received it with a lil gift from them as well. It was soooooooo nice and simple. I definitely appreciate it. My boss' wife even got a lil emotional when she was talking to us and read one of her fav. cards outloud. It was sweet...

I loved this because the yin yang symbol is one of my fav. symbols...I don't really wear jewelry, buuuut I'll rock this :-P

This is what the gift, and the cards came in. It's pretty nice.

This is turning out to be a not-so-gay xmas after all :-P hahah


What Brings Me Real Joy....

FOOD!!! Gotta friggin' love it... Since I was little, my mom would always tell me of this meal she learned how to make while she worked in Venezuela...You basically chop up ham (in this case its turkey ham...cause i just really like it...*shrug*) into tiny tiny lil cubes...and just fry it a bit...then you take 2 or 3 eggs, scramble it up and pour it on to cook for a few minutes more...and booya! There you have it...And yes...i DO make this really really well...Watch...the girl who gets stuck marrying me is gonna get Faaaat off of this. LMFAO jk


This is soooooooooooo good for breakfast...I eat it when 2 slices of whole wheat bread....OOoOor it can even be a decent lunch...with some totones.

Now, you know I GOTTA share what was the highlight (or rather, the only good part) of my weekend...Lasagna! For years, my mom would tell me about all the things she used to make when she was living in Venezuela...pretty much gloating about how well she knows how to cook...And just for the sake of arguing and trying to get under her skin, I'd constantly say "well...prove it then..." lol Lasagna was one of the things I'd always get at her about. And on Sunday, she FINALLY decided to prove me wrong. I bought all the necessary ingredients...and we pretty much got together to make it. :-) Fun times...



Lol, I know it probably doesn't look like much...She didn't add any cheese in between the layers (i said she didnt really need to...) ALSO...we kinda miscalculated with the meat soo obviously it wasnt really enough....But DAMN it was so good! I'm definitely gonna make this again before the year is over...

Yeah...This lil "experiment" of ours turned out to be pretty good...I'm going to master making this on my own...then I'm going to move on to something else...I'll probably try making this meat loaf she made a long ass time ago...also, cause I said she couldn't do it...hahaha


Monday, December 22, 2008


BUSTED! Friggin Kanye West This dude apparently had a "meltdown", they're calling it, on SNL when he joined the list of performers caught lip syncing hahaha....sad...check out this article!

AND! Wtf is dude wearing....O_o...Is this dude really the first male "diva"? lol I'm sure there must've been someone else....but geez...hahaha He's been on some shit lately...


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Latest Creation

SUCCESS!!!!! This shit took me a few hours to do....mainly cause even though its relatively was a bit of trial and error (and ridiculously repetitive) shit I had to do towards the end...sheesh...



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anxiously Waiting...

The waiting is driving me insane! I've been waiting for MONTHS for them to release Dan Brown's new book "The Solomon Key"...the third book with the character Robert Langdon (remember Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons?)...Originally, I heard it was going to come out some time in September....But the month came and went and thats when I heard that (for publicity, i suppose...) they were going to release it in December close to Xmas....I'm starting to think that's bs because if it were true then I would've been able to pre-order that shit on I didnt even see it on the Barnes & Nobles website! I'm aaaaaaanxiously waiting for that book!!! I can only imagine how good it'll be...My only hope is that it'll match the quality of the other two....

Yep...I'm in total geek mode right now....

am still cool though. haha


Idk Wtf I'm doing

Hello to my -300 people who read my shit! LOL jk jk...I just felt like going on the record of saying...that, quite simply, I HAVE NO IDEA WTF IM DOING as far as this blog. hahahah I must've switched layouts, and headers and shit over and over again just to go back to the one yall normally see. O_o I picked this one just cause it makes the current header not stand out so much (obviously...)...Imma change it again when i get struck by an "idea" hahaha...


Monday, December 15, 2008

Life's Simple Pleasures

One of my friends had an away message that says, "To often, we lose sight of life's simple pleasures." So now I'm curious...what are life's "simple pleasures" to some people.... I'd really like to know.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Planet Collision

Yeah....I was working on a tutorial and did this pic...I dont really like how it came out really...O_o....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Osama Binhuevo


Huevos Poetas (Poetic Balls)

OMFG!!!! If you understand spanish, you GOTTA see this!



Random Thought

I kinda find it funny when some girls get at me like "yoooo! check out my new pictures and tell me what you think!!!"....I usually sit here and think to myself "why? so I can see how much weight your gaining?" Are you THAT desperate to show me how you HAVEN'T been working out in months? tsk tsk tsk...

Seriously, if you're going to advertise least have the decency to make sure that its something WORTH advertising. :-)

Just trying to lend you some wisdom.


When Did That Become Sexy?!

Yo, I'd really like to know when it became "sexy" to take a picture of yourself peeing...O_o Seriously, who the hell started that trend?! It was funny and mildly cute, in a disturbing, half-repulsive kind of way...but now EVERYONE is friggin' doing it...When something like THAT, of all things, becomes a "trend", its time to stop. That shit is just tacky right now...I remember when everyone was doing the "kissy" face...And I dont mean one picture....I mean EVERY damn picture! Looking like this ---> O.O <--- in every friggin shot! Why, oh WHY, did you believe that making your mouth look like the ass of a chicken was sexy??? Who convinced you of that? And NOW you want everyone to assume you're peeing or pooping? And some niggas actually comment this pictures like "ooh baby..thats so fine...i wish i was there with you right now." to hear her pee splashing..? It gets you off to smell her poop? Is that what ya' saying???

I weep for society....

Haha I was going to put up examples of these sad people but I'd rather not pollute my own page like that...lmao


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Morning At Le Pain Quotidien

This morning we had a sort of going away breakfast for my co-worker who is going back to paris. We decided to go to this old-fashioned style bakery/restaurant called Le Pain Quotidien. It's a pretty nice looking place...The only thing is that everything there is organic food..which is not something I'm very big on...also, they give you such small portions of food! No wonder there's hardly any obese people in france! Last time I went, I wanted to kill myself just to avoid having to drink their orange juice..."freshly made" i guess...This time, I ordered an Iced Tea...and it was like taking a sip of DEATH! haha....On the plus side though, I had one of their Belgiun Waffles...and it was SPECTACULAR...(i so rarely get to use that word. haha.)


You can see that its not was great, but not very filling if you're a hungry ass person...I would've ordered another, but then I realized that our bosses weren't treating us to breakfast. HAHAHA whoops.


A Night At Max Brenner!!!

So last night my co-workers and I went out for a lil x-mas dinner at Max Brenner. For those of you who've never been or heard of it, it's this restaurant that serves damn near everything with chocolate...and when I say everything...I mean EVERYTHING. They even have chocolate pizza! Its insane. Check out the pics!


This was a three layer concoction...IT WAS SOOOOO FRIGGIN GOOD!


I don't know what this was called...but it even came with strawberries. They loved it!


Roasting the marshmellows...The fire looks small now but later on it was getting bigger and bigger. lol My co-worker was worried a spark would fly out and her hat would catch fire.


Who doesn't like taking picture of giant white girls with poop stains on their lip? lol :-P

Funniest moment of the night was when this little girl was bugging out because I guess she had a little too much chocolate...and she was just hopping up and down chanting "I love chocolate...I love chocolate...I love....I love...I love chocolate!" in a sing-song kind of way. It was soooo friggin funny.

If any of you haven't been there, you really should check it out. Its worth it! Check out the page too! Click here


Monday, December 8, 2008

My Beloved Train

I don't think people in NY fully appreciate how "interesting" it is to take the train on the way to work...If you're not deeply enthralled in a piece of literature, you should take the time to look around you...there's some good "people watching" that you can do...


This is actually one of my fav. spots...Essex/Delancy...I really am glad no one has fucked up the artwork...this is actually really nice when there arent too many homeless guys.....a big ass leak that takes weeks to fix apparently....oooor some weird lookin mexican playing music no one wants to fuckin hear...O_o

Of train ride is complete without the interesting people you see on the way to your destination...

I'm sure you've all seen, at least once, an asian male or female with all 4 of his/her siblings and each of them with all 5 of their kids, not to mention their ANCIENT grandma sitting there staring at everyone with a sort of knowing smile. I always wonder what lil secret she holds....


Ah the "business man"...if you dont spot dude staring holes into the financial section of the times, they're usually day dreaming of when they can sit in their bosses chair..."The Big Boy" chair is what they call it in their mind....So many repressed childhood memories in this one....I bet anything, if things start to get rough at work, he will instantly revert back to those childhood days, throw himself on the floor and start sucking on his thumb, staring out blankly, waiting for his momma to come get him....haha...yep


There's almost ALWAYS some "playboy" feeling all good about himself because he saw some random chick walk by and came out with some cheesy line..."Was gud mah...?" (is that even english? wtf?)..and she gave him a smirk and kept walking and now he thinks he has one foot in the flash: SHE WAS LAUGHING AT YOU!


"A jew and a terrorist are standing at a train station..." [enter punchline here]. hahaha

Now, you really can't say that the MTA doesn't accommodate your needs...when you don't have your ipod...or a book...or even anyone that you want to "watch"...they provide entertainment!


Michael Jackson impersonator...? Convicted stalker/rapist? Who knows!


Who needs an ipod when you have "Los Tres Amigos"?!

Yes my beloved J, M, Z, and F trains...they may not appreciate you...but I surely do...


Sunday, December 7, 2008

9 Types of White Guys

LMAO Check out this blog!


I couldn't resist posting it...


To Know It All

I know I'm not the only one who has been plagued by this feeling...But I find it incredibly depressing, knowing, that my existence is so brief...I'll never be able to truly know EVERYTHING...or least understand it all...I can see why people have spent their lives in search for the secret of immortality...although I doubt that it was really a quest for knowledge...s.m.h...I don't know...It's times like this, that I kinda wish I had "faith"...Maybe then I could look forward to the "afterlife"...figuring that then the secrets of the universe would be unlocked to me. Maybe my "spirit" or "soul" or whatever you want to call it would be able to transcend all these physical limitations and I would be able to spend all of eternity answering all these questions that run through my head on a daily basis...the biggest one being..."What was the point of it all?"

On a very geek sidenote, wouldnt it be hot if Vampires were real and you got bit, became immortal and spent the next hundred years in a library, reading up on all kinds of shit? LMAO :-P yeah...


Friday, December 5, 2008

One of The Gayest/funniest Scenes Ever

I dont know who's seen that movie "27 Dresses"...A while ago a friend of mine was telling me about it then I caught it on HBO. It's a pretty funny movie. I love how awkward the girl "Jane" acts throughout the whole movie....n that dude antagonizing her so cynically/sarcastically reminds me of some shit I do hahaha but anyway...check out the funniest scene of the movie...Its when she and the dude got drunk at a bar and started singing "Benny & the Jets"...Too friggin funny...

I couldnt stop laughing!


LMAO This shit was too funny....Lately I've been joking around my co-worker calling her a "midget" And she be cracking on me callin me "Paco" (cause of this wallet i have) and calls our other co-worker "Pepe" today "Pepe" and I goofed around on photoshop and sent her, and our other co-workers this pic....



Thursday, December 4, 2008

R.I.P Dr. Feelgood....

Sadly enough, it's true...I feel like I've lost my gift...I longer seem capable of being "Dr. Feelgood" to many of the people I have been before...I find myself instantly turning cynical and sarcastic the moment they start to tell me about their issues...unable to come up with meaningful words...rants inspire them to NOT be so overly emotional...n NOT to kill themselves (lol...). I don't know if its that I dont care anymore. Or maybe I just need a vacation...have a period of time where everyone (well almost) is actually satisfied with their unrealistic eh? Seriously though, it seems like I've been giving almost the exact same advice over n over again to different people..or hearing the saaaaaame issues...and most of the time its senseless shit O_o So really, why even waste my energy trying to help anyone with crap like that....

I'm not totally heartless though....One day...Dr. Feelgood will return....and it'll be GLORIOUS! lmao


Flintstone Vitamin Addict...

Remember the good ol' days?!


Lol...used to be hooked to that orange flavor one. Ahh...good times..good times...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And This Is Why Dude Is The Best

Yo seriously...You CAN NOT hate on this dude....Recognize! Recognize!

Tell me this isnt crazy! LL freestyling over the Dead Presidents beat!

LL freestyling with Jam Master Jay on the turntables!

Queens people..dont get gassed though...hahaha jk jk :-P

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sickest Convo Ever!!!

This was TOO funny for me not to post...My friend hit me up and I just felt like being dick and started talking non-sense and she was suuuuuuch a good friggin sport about it! this turned out be a HILARIOUS us anyway. :-) Enjoy...if you dare...

me: there's nothing better... in my eyes... than a girl-gone-slut

HER!!!!!: o im sure

me: not because i want a piece of easy no no...i like it just so i can sit back n say "i knew u'd grow up to be one"

HER!!!!!: y must u call it that...ewwww

me: because it is toto...dont get so sensitive....vagina, pussy, coochie, chocha, toto, punana its all the same thing regardless of what u call it..its still lookin like a wrinkling depressed old man
so get over it hahaha

HER!!!!!: no im good i mean some words are w/e but toto is just...wrong

me: lol why is it wrong? explain
HER!!!!!: it just sounds so wrong lmao

me: ah ok thats better

HER!!!!!: makes me not want mine
me: lmfao oh god

HER!!!!!: like its evil or something lmao

me: well i appreciate your honesty cause some dont even have the guts to be honest n say "it just sounds wrong" lol

HER!!!!!: im bein fa real like vagina is w/e its all medical...pussy hell we've used the word plenty but toto...sounds disgusting not enjoyable lmao

me: lmfao that doesnt even sound sexy right??? like "ayyye ayyyye gimme that sweet toto" hahahah i can see how that'd be a turn off hahahah

HER!!!!!: exactly

me: its kind of the same with "pinga" that shit sounds too funny to me

HER!!!!!: its makes me not want to have sex cuz im scared it will scare him off lmao.... im sry my friend used to use pinga all the time n one day she said it just as my bf was coming to get me we had no sex that day cuz all i did was laugh

me: omfg hahahahahah about if i call a vagina...Roast Beef??? my friend said it kinda looks like Roast Beef

HER!!!!!: uhm my ex fiance and his sisters when they'd talk about sex in front of his nephew they would call it beaver

me: think that's sexy? "ooo mami gimme that sweet roast beef..."

HER!!!!!: lmao


HER!!!!!: plz hold the bar-b-q sauce ewww

me: you're officially COOL right now hahaha i was expecting u to get freaked out

HER!!!!!: lmao uhm no hello me n my sis r the only grls in our family wat haven't i heard?!

HER!!!!!: im not gon lie i kinda want roast beef now lmao im mad hungry

me: OH MAN LMFAO sicko

HER!!!!!: lmao im def not a carpet muncher tho

me: hahha im so glad u got why i reacted that way i wasnt gonna say naaada

HER!!!!!: lol

me: like damn considering what we're talkin about n NOW she wants roast beef? i was connecting the dots here hahahah

HER!!!!!: noooooooooooo def not trust me if u had the gf i used to have that turns any grl str8

me: was that bad.......O_O

HER!!!!!: i mean i believe in the whole try it before u knock it...i was scared away

me: lol well imma definitely try it............again...and again....and again...:-P

HER!!!!!: lmao wow

me: im a pleaser. what can i say hahahah i just hope i dont get UN-lucky

HER!!!!!: watchu mean by that

me: meaning that i hope i dont have the misfortune of having a funky tasting girl scare my away from doing that like it did u... i wouldnt want that...cause i LIKE to please... that would fuck my whole game up

HER!!!!!: no i was like OMG WAT IS THAT

me: ohhh oh cause u looked at it? n it was ugly? like a monster? LMFAO

HER!!!!!: i thought it had teeth i was so scared....i saw it n smelled it n left the room

me: holy shit...omfg.......... omfg...OMFG!!! hahahahahahaha

HER!!!!!: scared me str8 literally


Am I The Last Person To Know This????

Did everyone else know already that there's no such thing as a "Gravitational Pull"??? (sorry Issac Newton)....Apparently...its just that Earth (as well as other giant masses like the Sun and other planets, etc.) is bending the time/space fabric around it...and that "force" that causes us to fall towards our planet is actually just Space, itself, pushing us. O_O.....

DID ANYONE ELSE KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?!!? lol....It's Einstein's theory...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Thought...

"Astronomy - is the scientific study of celestial objects (such as stars, planets, comets, and galaxies) and phenomena that originate outside the Earth's atmosphere (such as the cosmic background radiation)"....In other words...these fuckers dedicate their lives to studying space and other planets...figuring out what goes on there...Which strikes me as funny considering we dont really have EVERYTHING figured out on our planet...soooo to me that kinda looks like an exaggerated manifestation of that lil habit "we humans" have...where we are SO caught up in everyone else's lives and what goes on in theirs...while our own seems unmanageable.

lol...thats my random thought of the moment.



Whooo...Thanksgiving! The ONLY holiday that i ACTUALLY looked forward to...even when I was a kid! FUUUuuck Xmas, V-day, Easter, and all the other ones...Thanksgiving is MY holiday...:-) Don't get me wrong...I'm not even on that typical "lets get together for thanksgiving" type shit either...dique "its tradition" nope nope..I've got MY OWN traditions....ever since I was a kid...I'd wake up eeeearly on that day....spend the morning watching one of my fav. movies that they only seem to give on days like this..."March of The Wooden Soldiers" (they've been giving that shit for YEARS on CW!)...Then, I'd just, very masochisticly NOT eat throughout the whole day...letting my appetite building, all the while, sniffing at the friggin turkey baking in the oven...mouth watering...eyes looking crazy. lmao My mom would actually fight with me just to get me to eat ONE of the pastelles she'd make before the dinner just so I wouldnt get sick from starvation n yadda ALSO...I get SUPER anti-social...I never wanted anyone to even THINK about suggesting that we go anywhere to celebrate with anyone else...(hell, because im so greedy, I was even partially bothered by anyone suggesting that we invite someone over lol..I swear...if you didnt live with us, dammit, you are not entitled a piece of MY damn turkey!) Ahhh....good times...good times...And this year was no different! lol, my homegirl had invited me to celebrate with her fam...and as much as I wanted to see her, I had to turn that invitation down...cause even if im not all that into tradition in general...I still am anal about keeping my own personal ones. Only thing about this year is...we didnt keep up with that "tradition" of waiting til around 6pm to eat...nope nope...My mom came home and said she was hungry. I said I was hungry too..and we both said FUCK IT! We ate when everything was done! And oHhHhH the SATISFACTION!!!! That friggin meal hit the spot GOOD....You ever eat just the RIGHT amount of food...?! And have it go down just the RIGHT way?!?!? Oh man...Sadly enough, my hunger prevented me from having the forethought of taking a picture of the food before I devoured it...

But that didnt stop me from documenting the aftermath...

Why I left four beans on my plate...? The world may never know...

AhhHhhh...i' :-P

WHOOOOOO!!! CANT WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!! I'm already counting it down....



As much as I love my pops...I can't really say that we had that "typical" kind of father/son relationship where we "bonded" much...or were like "best buds" or anything like that...We didnt sit around and talk about females or anything of the sort...Truthfully, bonding for us was during those summers we'd go bike riding to queens on Sundays...talking shit to each other about who can beat who...and those occasions when we'd be sitting in the living room, and we'd just break out the chess board and he'd show me how to play...while dazzling me with stories of how good he was when he was younger...whooping almost everyone he played against...also the funny stories of how he taught my mom how to play...and how one day she beat him (maybe cause he let her..idk..)..But yeah...that was pretty much what it was with us...and it was pretty fun! He always beat me though...Looking back, I dont think it was cause I wasnt good enough..cause I had beaten almost everyone else I played against...But I guess because I looked up to him (even more so cause of his stories), it was sort of intimidating to play him and I made a bunch of stupid mistakes. I still wanted to whoop him though...This is why, when he came for a surprise visit last sunday, I made a lil random comment about how I think he should practice some because next time I'd see him, I would whoop him in chess. Of course, i said that jokingly...but, to my surprise, he looked at me with a half-serious expression and say "take out the board now then..." It was funny cause we hadnt played a game in yeeeeeeeears....And for the first time, I actually focused like I did when I played all those others...And I played weeeeeeeeell....I think throughout the game...he made two pretty big mistakes..(aside from the terrible start...he didnt even set up his pieces the way he originally taught me to do...which was surprising...but i guess thats the result of being rusty...)...and I FINALLY played opposed to my usual defensive, waiting for him to make the first move..hahah I eventually cornered him...and he ended up quiting. lmao


See...I dont think it was totally hopeless though...I was shocked that he just quit like that because I feel like there were still moves he could've still could've made some mistakes....but ultimately, by the way things looked (to me anyway) both of us were gonna lose A LOT of pieces before the game was over...I think the real reason he quit was cause he was tired, and it was getting late..n he still had to drive back to queens to stay with his sis...That, of course, didnt stop me from talking shit...taking a pic of my well as unveiling my new "victory" pose. hahah Thinking back..I probably should've taken a picture of that too..but ah well...VICTORY!!!!

Whee..more photo shop...

I'm so friggin cool...I know...I know...hahaha :-P jk

This one was a lil eh...but *shrug*

This I really liked...I just HAD to try it in two ways...

I think the first one looks A LOT better...can REALLY see the drops and whatnot...*shrug*

And now for the creme de la

Yes...Yes...I pretty friggin cool...:-P

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Messing Around...

Lol Anyone who's seen my away messages on aim know's I've been pretty photoshop crazy's some shit I made messing around...tum tum tum!


Lol my bro was cracking on me for this one...


I wanted to make my own contact thing on myspace..n background...soon...soon...imma make a layout...i hope...i this is on my page already though..


juuuuuust messing around....



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Arent You Tired of Me Posting All These Vids?!

Well sorry...but i GOTTA keep doing it..cause these vids are too stupid for me not to post...hahahaha

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


YOOO! These lil white boys are BUGGING! I cant even hate on that though. That was pretty funny hahaha

LMAO Insane...

They are soooo f'in stuuuuupid lmfao s.m.h

FINALLY Reading It....

It's crazy...some 4 years ago, a classmate of mine had suggested that I buy this book, "1984" - George Orwell...and I did, on a whim, but because at the time I was all caught up reading Anne Rice novels...not to mention some books about poetry, I completely forgot about this book lmao...truthfully, I picked it up ONE day and didnt get passed the first paragraph and left it just like that until now.


I'm happy to say that it's actually turning out to be a decent read...Most (if not all) of Europe is under the control of some SUPER fascist government that refers to itself as "The Party"...with someone named "Big Brother" being at the head of it all...It's friggin crazy...I havent gotten that far into it yet...but so far, I'm liking it. lol I only wish I had read it years ago....

sidenote...I cant friggin wait til they release Dan Brown's latest novel "The Solomon Key"!!!


Friday, November 14, 2008

We Are Who We Attract

Say what you will. Agree. Disagree. I know there are ALWAYS going to be lil "special cases", exceptions. It doesn't matter. This is me generalizing, based on what I've seen in my life and those around me...But, truthfully, we ARE what we attract. Lets face it, people are instinctively drawn towards others that, on some level, they feel are "like" them...or who they think will "match" or "go well" with them. So, if all you seem to attract are losers...well...sorry but...that must make you a loser in some must mean that you have loser tendencies...If all you attract are crazies, its because you must be crazy yourself. See, its all about finding that "common ground" with someone. Its the only way they can "connect" with you, I guess, because you are in fact the same in some way...even if that way isnt clear to you at that particular moment. But that similarity is there. I guess, on a superficial level, this is why "pretty" people get mad when all these "ugly" people are always trying to go after them. They get offended as if to say, "Do you REALLY think we would look good together!? Do you REALLY think that I would be happy (or rather, proud) to say that you're mine? Or have you say that I'm yours?" and so on...

Even I'm guilty of thinking that way....when some of these females tell me that they find me attractive...or that they like me...blah blah blah (which is strange, because how can you TRULY like someone you barely even know...but w/e)...I think to myself, " must REALLY think I'm as damaged as you are..." But I guess, when i stop and REALLY analyze our personalities...I see some of my own traits in them....but often, those traits arent really the ones I like about that just makes me dislike them more than I already do.

It's a crazy thing. And I find it interesting how so many people try to go against this, for the saaame reason I have for disliking a lot of these females...This is why you constantly see people struggling to find someone who is, in fact, better than them. (Not REALLY better, but just someone who they feel is better in some way. That way they avoid seeing their own flaws reflected in the person they're with.)

That's just what I think...


***10:53...I guess my mind's still racing because now I have to pose this question....By that logic, if you're the type of person who goes after (if not falls for) people who all are drastically different from eachother...would that, now, imply that you don't really know who you are, since it seems that you don't really know who you truly "match" with?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Me talking shit...

Anyone who REALLY knows me...already knows that i like to talk A LOT of shit...just to give you a clue of the kind of shit i say on the regular...check what i told one of my homegirls just now...

"i think if all the fat people on the planet suddenly disappeared, the shift in the earth's collection weigh would be so great so fast that we would in fact get jerked off of our axis as well as our revolutionary track and would start to spin wildly while drift away from the sun, spelling definite DOOM for us all. so next time you see a fat person eating something greasy, pat them on the shoulder and say "thanks fatass." LMFAO"

Yep...I'm really an asshole. But I dont care :-P

Monday, November 10, 2008

"You're my consolation"??? wtf?

I'm listening to this song called "If This World Were Mine" (by Luther Vandross & Chery Lynn and at one point the girl said "You are my consolation" and it struck me as funny 'cause, to me, it seemed like she meant it as "consolation prize" or know how when you fail or lose at something and they give you something just so you dont cry and bitch about losing? lmao so now im thinking, why would you call someone you supposedly love that? its almost like saying "i failed at life, but i have so you so its not so bad..." o_O wtf?

IDK...maybe I'm just misinterpreting it...

Just a thought...

random...but....I think its a lil sad and somewhat ironic that people constantly go on n on about trying find someone who's "special" but in all honesty the deeper you dig into someone, the more you find out about them, and find out how they really the very core....they're no different from everyone else. Kinda defeats the purpose of trying, dont you think? i think it'd be more honest of everyone to say, instead, that they're simply trying to find someone who doesn't annoy the shit out of them and fucks well... o_O

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Let Yo' Sooooul GLOOOOW!

Crazy how this became one of the more memorable scenes out of this movie! lmao I loved Coming To America...If you havent seen it yet, DEFINITELY check it out!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


LMAO Shout out to my homegirl Nyna for sending me this shit hahahah I told her I wasnt going to vote and she emailed me this...

tooOoOoo funny! I needed a good laugh today :-)

An Music Artist at Work...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

FINALLY Learning Photoshop...

Yeah...I was talking about it for a WHIIIIIILE that i wanted to sit down and really learn so lately I've been messing around with it and I managed to do a few is me....showing off my amateur "skills" lmfao

Now this was me doing a tutorial to put text over the water and have a "reflection" effect...i think i goofed up on it though....*shrug*

Now THIS is the one im proud of! IT TOOK ME ALL DAMN DAY CAUSE I KEPT FUCKING UP!!!! lmfao but after many hours...(and a lot of cursing) i was able to do the tutorial for this one...*cool guy pose*


I'm so f'in cool...lmao jk


Friday, October 31, 2008

What Will They Do Next?!

LMAO! Has anyone seen this shit yet!?

Oh no no no my friends! It doesnt stop there! YET ANOTHER RE-RE MOMENT!


Wing Chun!!!!

This is insane...This was the of the styles that Bruce Lee originally learned and whatnot...They did a segment on this in the History Channel a whiiiiiile ago...

I'd loooooooooooove to learn this!

***I kept looking at other vids and felt like posting this too.......friggin show off...hahaha :-D

Thursday, October 30, 2008

R.I.P. to Love Songs

You know this is true dammit...With a few exceptions, there hardly are any TRUE love songs out there least not like it used to be...when they actually sang about LOVE. Now ya typical "love" song is all about hooking up at a club.....or...being "in lust" with someone else's girl (or guy, for yall female even how ya lost the person you "love". Hardly anyone ever sings about actually LOVING...or showing how they love..or nada...s.m.h

so Rest In Peace to all the TRUE Love songs we might never hear again...


***I'm i realize that TECHNICALLY, this song is a horrible example considering that its basically a fucking one-night stand...but at least its better than a lot of the shit ppl sing about now!!! SO ENJOY IT! hahaa

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jealous Girlfriend...

No lie...I kinda do want a jealous girlfriend lmfao I dont care..that'll be interesting (annoying as fuck after a while but interesting)...Check what I ranted to a friend of mine about...

(*She had an away message that said "TRUE LIFE: I AM JEALOUS :-[". SOOO I COULDNT RESIST SAYING THIS...)

[13:03] ME!!!!!: awwwwwww everyong gets like that though
[13:03] ME!!!!!: just stab the bitch
[13:03] ME!!!!!: i hope i marry a SUPER jealous female
[13:04] ME!!!!!: i want her to drop kick every female who she catches even glancing at me once
[13:04] ME!!!!!: if we go out to a restaurant and we have a waitress, i want her to fuckin grill her ass the whole night
[13:04] ME!!!!!: and then to jump up and punch her in the mouth for handing me the check directly, instead of placing it on the table for the both of us
[13:04] ME!!!!!: i fuckin love it
[13:04] ME!!!!!: lmfaoooooo
[13:05] ME!!!!!: :-D

im just sayin though....the way i see it is....if you overly just means one of two things....either you fuckin' out of your mind....or you must really like me. :-) either way, it makes for a great story. LMFAO


I know yall must've seen "The Last Dragon" at least once in ya lifetime...hahaha Its a lil too cheesy for me to think of it as a HOT martial arts movie...but it was pretty entertaining...especially this fight scene with the whole "Glow" hahaha so yea...

"Play time's over boy!" hahaha

30 Minutes of Peace...and yet...

I have about 30 minutes of peace...before the silence and tranquility will be shattered, seemingly forever, by the incessant ramblings and random non-sense of not so less, nor greater, yet far from equal beings....Yet, I can't rest for I am yet again plagued by all these thoughts...words...phrases...all who hope to in some way give definition to what I may or may not be feeling at this particular's annoying. And yet...I wouldn't have it any other way..for what would I truly have to gain from "expressing" myself to the fullest? By "letting you in", I only burden myself with the responsibly of having to "worry" about whether or not you truly understand....of how you perceive me to be. o_O

And why would an anti-social prick, such as myself, really give a good goddamn about it all? haha...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


There exists a beauty, I have yet to behold
A light
from which I have yet to feel warmth upon my face
A road yet taken
An adventure yet experienced
Like a question and its answer
a sickness and its cure
all together, cliche, yet completely original
To shed sanity's shackles
and dive deep into her complexities
unfazed by the danger of unperceived perils
such depth might contain
What a feeling this would be!
What a feeling this is!
To know there is a book, yet to be written
for the story of Us, has yet to be conceived.


*This kinda popped in my head while i was on the train

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Re-Occurring Temporary Obsession...

I'll admit...sometimes I slip into a variety of "geek modes". A temporary obsession with comic books happens to be a result of one of these "modes" lol...I stumbled across a preview (on of a comic book that's going to be release, in a week or two, titled "Joker". It caught my eye because the way they did the Joker is based on Heath Ledger's portrayal of him in "Dark Knight". I pre-ordered that last night...Needless to say, I'm fucking excited!

But, of course, my obsession CAN'T just let me get one...No no no...When I was reading up on this one, I came across a prediction that this would be one of the best stories about the Joker since "The Killing Joke". Naturally, I read up on that on that one and couldn't resist ordering it too. Haha! Fortunately, because I made them separate orders, I'll be getting The Killing Joke on monday....BOOYACA!

And for your viewing pleasure...


7yr old breakdancer!!

This is pretty cool...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How do t hey do it?

I never could understand where some people would get the inspiration to to make things like this. I guess, maybe, they dream it up? Or maybe it just "comes to them" randomly, like some jokes and rants to me. lol Pretty cool huh?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


LMFAOOOOOO! this girl says to me "i think im going to lose it"...So I, being sarcastic, go "lose what? your virginity? or your sanity?" hahaha and she goes "i lost my virginity to a Bobby Pin when i was exploring my body at 13." and I go "what kind of a last name is Pin?!", thinking that it was a person and not the thing you put to keep your hair up. HAHAHAHAHA I FELT SOOO FUCKIN STUUUUUUUUPID LMFAO I just sat there with tears in my eyes trying to hold back my laughter. I HAD to get up and go to the bathroom and laugh it off hahaha

Start of a story perhaps???

"I love you." The words escaped. Far too fast, they were, for self-doubt to intercept their path. All bystanders, close enough to be pierced by these words, immediately stopped what ever it was that they were doing and turned to observe this unexpected scene. All eyes were on him and the target of his self-expression (if not self-exposure). Myrtle & Broadway, just under the train station, had become a main event at Madison Square Garden in that instant. They were the center of the world as everyone, himself included, held their breath, letting the full magnitude of these words settle in. Everyone, anxiously awaiting some kind of reaction or response.

That's kind of all i could come up with on the way to work today....i'll have to add more later on of oOoOr maybe...this'll be just another discarded "brain fart" of mine. :-P

***9:51....after a few responses from friends..i've decided to really sit down and TRY to finish this with me...for i will definitely come back with a complete one ;-)

****6 days later (Oct 22.) I've decided to abandon the story. hahah i just CANT for the life of me decide on how i wanna do it....and I've long since lost the inspiration that first made me write it

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jaime Foxx OWNED his ass!

YOOO I know this might be old...but this shit had me DYING today!

Jaime Foxx is one funny ass dude!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kinda Makes Me Wish I Were A Gamer...

Shit even I got excited watching this shit...


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Barack Roll"

It's insane the kinds of videos people make and put on youtube....hahah this is too retarded for me not to share...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Jase's New Word!!!

LMFAO I told you I was gonna put you on blast :-)

Ladies and Gentlemen...i present Jase's new word: "Tooch"....hahahahah

It is said that this word will now replace "tush" sometime in 2009...

Hahahah lemme know when you get all the paperwork out of the way and make it official

Thursday, September 25, 2008

WTF David Blaine?!

David Blaine pissed me off last night...that asshole was hanging upside in central park for 3 fuckin days...and was advertising a bullet catch....and a "dive of death"...and after all that waiting (not to mention suffering this his seemingly endless clips of "amazing" simpletons with his card tricks)...the bullet catch turned out to be some cheesy ass stunt of him holding a lil cup in his mouth...and having some marksmen shoot a rifle right at it....pffft....the aim of the shooter is far more impressive than his pendejo ass standing there to catch it....anyone can pay a crackhead 20bucks to stand there and do what he did...pffft...and as for the dive of death...everyone was speculating on whether or not he'd be able to make the jump...(which is about 4 stories) after being upside down for 3 days with no sleep or food...which is an impressive stunt but ppl came to see the fuckin dive....and this nigga jumps...and he had fuckin jumper he only fell a few feet...with a big cheesy smile as if to say "gotcha!" as some "unknown" thing lifted him higher up into the air where he "disappeared" one even cheered....i sat there looking like ---> o_O

I was FAR more impressed with Mind Freak (on A & E)....Criss Angel had a stunt where he was going to give himself exactly 13 seconds to uncuff himself from the streering wheel of a car (with no breaks) and jumping out of it while it sped off a cliff....He had his celebrity friend from Godsmack (i think his name was Scully or something...idk..) and Kurt Angle (oplymic gold medalist/wrestler) watching...When he was practicing, it seemed to be ok...he managed to uncuff himself in 7 that should be more than enough time for him to get out....BUUUUUT...when he actually did the stunt...(he had about 100 people watching on the other sides of the cliff...not to mention cameras from almost ever conceivable angle taping in one continuous shot)...i guess something seemed to go wrong and the car went over the cliff and exploded at the bottom...(apparently, with him still in it) telling you everyone was in shock...they immediately cleared everyone out and sent firemen down there to put out the car....Scully was just bugging out...Kurt Angle was cursing like crazy and even started to cry...then they started interviewing fans to see their reaction as the credits started to roll....If i know Criss, im pretty sure this is all a part of his stunt..and he just wants to fuck with everyone and keep all of us guessing...

Imma look into what actually happened :-P

But then know stunts do go wrong sometimes....a few weeks back he tried a stunt where he'd try to catch a nail shot from a nail gun...the idea was that it would be shot at a glass window i guess (him standing on the other side at a short distance) and the impact would cause the nail to kinda angle a lil upwards in its trajectory...unexpectedly, the glass shattered when the nail went through, and it sent pieces of it flying at Criss' face and it fucked up his timing...the nail ended up going right through his hand....hahah you shoulda seen dude jumping around cursing....classic...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Get Your Mind Blown!

I've been meaning to mention this book ever since my friend suggested I read it (Thanks Ana!).


It's gooooooooooood...The title should be self-explanatory...Basically, it's a collection of articles from different authors that gives you some insight on various topics. I'm telling you, this book will blow your mind :-) It makes the phrase, "You think you know...but you have no idea...", an understatement.

Check it out!

It's only about 10 bucks at Barnes & Nobles by the way...


Out With Old, In With New...

Much to my disappointment and heart ache, my phone finally broke...Don't get me wrong...I already knew it was going to happen..but i had planned on it lasting a couple of weeks at least so that I could fulfill my plan on saving some money on the side to get a new one for when it would finally give up on

I guess my phone had other plans...


Its not too clear i guess...but if u see on the left side (that lil red...or orange thing) its broken there and was getting ready to snap off completely on me..hahah..fortunately, i was able to get out a text to everyone telling em not to call or text me....of course some didnt listen...but *shrug*

Anyway, this forced my hand and I, reluctantly, bought a new phone ahead of schedule...the LG Shine (black)....whee.


Just look at that bad bitch....OoOOw...:-P Let's see how long this one will last me...I've been having such bad luck with technology lately...o_O

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remember The Good Ol' Days...?

When singers were fat and ugly...but could ACTUALLY sing?!

Believe me...I have a lot more, much better examples than this...but I'm vibing to this song now... :-P

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cooper 35

So last Thursday (9/18), my co-workers and I went to an asian restaurant called "Cooper 35" to celebrate one of their b-day's (which was the next day). It's a decent looking is a lil gay...and I was a lil pissed that everyone seemed to get their food fast, while mine took FOREVER to get....check out the pics below...

Grey Goose w/Cranberry..oh yea...CHECK OUT THE BIG ASS STRAWS THEY GAVE US!


The Bday girl's meal...


I think that was fried calamari...


and it took forever for me to get THAT? which didnt even taste good...

So yeeeah...there you have it...except for the whole food was an overall decent night. Got a lil tipsy (that's what i get for drinking without eating lunch yet again..s.m.h) and then we even got into a "picture war"...If you want to see those, just check out my myspace...