Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mean ass break up....

lmao check out what i told one of my friends today...

"yo i've always wanted to do something real messed up to a girl before breaking up with lets say im about to dump her...that same day i'll eat a whole lot of chocolate and other junk to mreally mess with my stomach...then i'll go to her crib and take the meanest two hour shit....that'll definitely fuck up their pipes and make em have to friggin get a plumber to fix their toilet...which prolly wont happen for a few days...meanwhile the fumes from my lil brown bomb start to rise and spread around the house chokin everyone. an they're suffering even more cause now they cant even use the bathroom so they prolly have to hold it in til they get to work or school or maybe they're really shameless and they go to their neighbors crib to piss n poop n now the neighbor doesnt like em cause their shit is funkier than the neighbor's is. which is pretty fucked up. soOoOOo i'll just come out the bathroom apologize very politely about atomic dump and will calmly say "bitch its over." and walk out of there. yes. yes. lmfao"

Thats boredom at its finest

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Because I'm a very random and mean person...

My homegirl was telling me that her boss is as "dumb as a brick"...Soooo i come out all silly like..."ACTUALLY i think in some ways...a brick is smarter than some ppl. cause check it....a brick KNOWS its a brick. and doesnt try to be anything else BUT a brick right??? while a lot of humans try to be something their not. lmao thats why u see a bunch of fat girls dressing like they're slim and 15....lmfao and thats why u see a bunch of minorities tryna get bank loans like they're white. it just doesnt work that way."


Just thought i'd share that...


Friday, January 16, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"I Am Your Leader!"

LMAO Check out this f'in video...oh man...

Mircophone Murder!!!

Early Morning Dry Humping?!

LMAO's true...this morning I'm on the train..and its friggin PACKED! I mean you could barely move...and I don't know...I noticed some chick (at first I thought it was some mexican cause she was shorter than me) but she turned out to be a rican, I guess...and yo she was friggin' pressed up on was so funny cause at first i didn't really pay any mind to it...but whenever the train would jerk or something she'd press her butt up on my pelvis mad hard...and me being a perv (lmfao no shame) i pressed right back. and it got to a point where we were doing that even when the train wasn't bouncing or nada haha so funny....then the train's pulling into our stop...and she friggin' pressed REALLY hard on me before the train doors opened and she ran right the fuck out of there. And I was left there all "excited" and depressed. hahaha

i find it sad how something like that is the "highlight" of my morning LMAO


Monday, January 12, 2009

Weirdest F'in Dream....

I dont know if you've seen this movie or you have, then you'll get what im talking about...if you havent well, you should see it cause its a funny movie...anyway...the other night i had a dream that i was try to "devirginize" Bridget (LMAO i know i know...weird...)..but it was so f'in strange and awkward..cause just like in the movie...i coulda sworn i heard her friggin voice NARRATING everything that wass going on as we're doing it. lmfaooo i woke up in the middle of the night confused as hell O_o haha so strange....i dont know what could've possessed me to have a dream like that...


Thursday, January 8, 2009

This is so f'in RETARDED!

I don't know who did this shit but it's so friggin funny oh man...


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just STFU And Enjoy It!

I was on my way to work this morning and I overheard some guy's conversation with some chick, I guess, he was trying to impress with his opinions. It was funny cause he was ranting about music and he brought up Eminem and his topics for songs. Oddly enough, he actually made a decent point about how Eminem basically became famous off of talking a lot insane shit about his mom and his baby mom. He said how now that Eminem ran out of shit to say about his mom, thats why he "retired". lol He would've been fine if he had left it at that. But no no no...dude just HAD to go and bring up race...saying how it was "acceptable" for Eminem to say that but if he had been black or hispanic, "we" would've never tolerated that sort of thing in "our" matter how fucked up our mom is. lol He even went so far as to bring up Tupac, talking about how his mom was a crackhead and all that, yet he STILL came out with the song "Dear Momma". I kinda got a lil tight though. I mean suuure "we" don't make tracks about killing our moms, but what about all the other fucked up ignorant ass shit "we" come out with? For years, "we" have been coming out with a bunch of songs (in both R & B and Hip Hop) that perpetuate the ignorance of our time...ranging from pre-marital sex, affairs with married men/women, cheating, stealing, drug dealing, drug using, objectifying women (had to throw that in there for all you bra burners lol), and violence. Hell, in NY, one of "our" most glorified rappers got famous off of talking about shooting dudes in the head (execution style), robbing pregnant women, and fucking underaged virgins. lol sooooooooo....yeah....Don't go out of your way to criticize any one person for the shit they say....Eminem (along with all these other people) didnt get famous off of what they said..its HOW they said it...They made that shit sound hot. SO...just shut the fuck up and ENJOY IT!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Something I Did Before...

Eh...I wasn't feeling how it came out too much...i kept fucking up on it....Maybe if I'm bored I'll take another crack at it..

Friday, January 2, 2009

This Video is CRAZY

The track is called "Dance With The Devil" - Immortal Technique. My homegirl sent me this video and its just CRAZY...

This one is just sad...O_o if you follow the song

Middle Aged Females....

Here awake on yet another night of insomnia, I'm watching infomercials lol sad isnt it? Anyway...they're offering one (out of MILLIONS) dvd called "Core Rhythms"...its basically a dance/workout video promising middle aged overweight women that by doing this they'll get the figure they've always wanted...I'm laughing at how foolish some of em look doing this routine. A random thought hit me though....I think its funny (and kind of sad) how there are so many aging females in america that are silly enough to invest into these videos hoping that this will somehow renew the dying spark in their opposed to doing the PRACTICAL thing and getting some fucking marriage counseling. hahaha