Friday, October 31, 2008

What Will They Do Next?!

LMAO! Has anyone seen this shit yet!?

Oh no no no my friends! It doesnt stop there! YET ANOTHER RE-RE MOMENT!


Wing Chun!!!!

This is insane...This was the of the styles that Bruce Lee originally learned and whatnot...They did a segment on this in the History Channel a whiiiiiile ago...

I'd loooooooooooove to learn this!

***I kept looking at other vids and felt like posting this too.......friggin show off...hahaha :-D

Thursday, October 30, 2008

R.I.P. to Love Songs

You know this is true dammit...With a few exceptions, there hardly are any TRUE love songs out there least not like it used to be...when they actually sang about LOVE. Now ya typical "love" song is all about hooking up at a club.....or...being "in lust" with someone else's girl (or guy, for yall female even how ya lost the person you "love". Hardly anyone ever sings about actually LOVING...or showing how they love..or nada...s.m.h

so Rest In Peace to all the TRUE Love songs we might never hear again...


***I'm i realize that TECHNICALLY, this song is a horrible example considering that its basically a fucking one-night stand...but at least its better than a lot of the shit ppl sing about now!!! SO ENJOY IT! hahaa

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jealous Girlfriend...

No lie...I kinda do want a jealous girlfriend lmfao I dont care..that'll be interesting (annoying as fuck after a while but interesting)...Check what I ranted to a friend of mine about...

(*She had an away message that said "TRUE LIFE: I AM JEALOUS :-[". SOOO I COULDNT RESIST SAYING THIS...)

[13:03] ME!!!!!: awwwwwww everyong gets like that though
[13:03] ME!!!!!: just stab the bitch
[13:03] ME!!!!!: i hope i marry a SUPER jealous female
[13:04] ME!!!!!: i want her to drop kick every female who she catches even glancing at me once
[13:04] ME!!!!!: if we go out to a restaurant and we have a waitress, i want her to fuckin grill her ass the whole night
[13:04] ME!!!!!: and then to jump up and punch her in the mouth for handing me the check directly, instead of placing it on the table for the both of us
[13:04] ME!!!!!: i fuckin love it
[13:04] ME!!!!!: lmfaoooooo
[13:05] ME!!!!!: :-D

im just sayin though....the way i see it is....if you overly just means one of two things....either you fuckin' out of your mind....or you must really like me. :-) either way, it makes for a great story. LMFAO


I know yall must've seen "The Last Dragon" at least once in ya lifetime...hahaha Its a lil too cheesy for me to think of it as a HOT martial arts movie...but it was pretty entertaining...especially this fight scene with the whole "Glow" hahaha so yea...

"Play time's over boy!" hahaha

30 Minutes of Peace...and yet...

I have about 30 minutes of peace...before the silence and tranquility will be shattered, seemingly forever, by the incessant ramblings and random non-sense of not so less, nor greater, yet far from equal beings....Yet, I can't rest for I am yet again plagued by all these thoughts...words...phrases...all who hope to in some way give definition to what I may or may not be feeling at this particular's annoying. And yet...I wouldn't have it any other way..for what would I truly have to gain from "expressing" myself to the fullest? By "letting you in", I only burden myself with the responsibly of having to "worry" about whether or not you truly understand....of how you perceive me to be. o_O

And why would an anti-social prick, such as myself, really give a good goddamn about it all? haha...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


There exists a beauty, I have yet to behold
A light
from which I have yet to feel warmth upon my face
A road yet taken
An adventure yet experienced
Like a question and its answer
a sickness and its cure
all together, cliche, yet completely original
To shed sanity's shackles
and dive deep into her complexities
unfazed by the danger of unperceived perils
such depth might contain
What a feeling this would be!
What a feeling this is!
To know there is a book, yet to be written
for the story of Us, has yet to be conceived.


*This kinda popped in my head while i was on the train

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Re-Occurring Temporary Obsession...

I'll admit...sometimes I slip into a variety of "geek modes". A temporary obsession with comic books happens to be a result of one of these "modes" lol...I stumbled across a preview (on of a comic book that's going to be release, in a week or two, titled "Joker". It caught my eye because the way they did the Joker is based on Heath Ledger's portrayal of him in "Dark Knight". I pre-ordered that last night...Needless to say, I'm fucking excited!

But, of course, my obsession CAN'T just let me get one...No no no...When I was reading up on this one, I came across a prediction that this would be one of the best stories about the Joker since "The Killing Joke". Naturally, I read up on that on that one and couldn't resist ordering it too. Haha! Fortunately, because I made them separate orders, I'll be getting The Killing Joke on monday....BOOYACA!

And for your viewing pleasure...


7yr old breakdancer!!

This is pretty cool...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How do t hey do it?

I never could understand where some people would get the inspiration to to make things like this. I guess, maybe, they dream it up? Or maybe it just "comes to them" randomly, like some jokes and rants to me. lol Pretty cool huh?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


LMFAOOOOOO! this girl says to me "i think im going to lose it"...So I, being sarcastic, go "lose what? your virginity? or your sanity?" hahaha and she goes "i lost my virginity to a Bobby Pin when i was exploring my body at 13." and I go "what kind of a last name is Pin?!", thinking that it was a person and not the thing you put to keep your hair up. HAHAHAHAHA I FELT SOOO FUCKIN STUUUUUUUUPID LMFAO I just sat there with tears in my eyes trying to hold back my laughter. I HAD to get up and go to the bathroom and laugh it off hahaha

Start of a story perhaps???

"I love you." The words escaped. Far too fast, they were, for self-doubt to intercept their path. All bystanders, close enough to be pierced by these words, immediately stopped what ever it was that they were doing and turned to observe this unexpected scene. All eyes were on him and the target of his self-expression (if not self-exposure). Myrtle & Broadway, just under the train station, had become a main event at Madison Square Garden in that instant. They were the center of the world as everyone, himself included, held their breath, letting the full magnitude of these words settle in. Everyone, anxiously awaiting some kind of reaction or response.

That's kind of all i could come up with on the way to work today....i'll have to add more later on of oOoOr maybe...this'll be just another discarded "brain fart" of mine. :-P

***9:51....after a few responses from friends..i've decided to really sit down and TRY to finish this with me...for i will definitely come back with a complete one ;-)

****6 days later (Oct 22.) I've decided to abandon the story. hahah i just CANT for the life of me decide on how i wanna do it....and I've long since lost the inspiration that first made me write it

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jaime Foxx OWNED his ass!

YOOO I know this might be old...but this shit had me DYING today!

Jaime Foxx is one funny ass dude!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kinda Makes Me Wish I Were A Gamer...

Shit even I got excited watching this shit...


Tuesday, October 7, 2008