Thursday, October 16, 2008


LMFAOOOOOO! this girl says to me "i think im going to lose it"...So I, being sarcastic, go "lose what? your virginity? or your sanity?" hahaha and she goes "i lost my virginity to a Bobby Pin when i was exploring my body at 13." and I go "what kind of a last name is Pin?!", thinking that it was a person and not the thing you put to keep your hair up. HAHAHAHAHA I FELT SOOO FUCKIN STUUUUUUUUPID LMFAO I just sat there with tears in my eyes trying to hold back my laughter. I HAD to get up and go to the bathroom and laugh it off hahaha

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JuiicyKisz said...

i would've laughed in her damn face. real shit.