Thursday, October 16, 2008

Start of a story perhaps???

"I love you." The words escaped. Far too fast, they were, for self-doubt to intercept their path. All bystanders, close enough to be pierced by these words, immediately stopped what ever it was that they were doing and turned to observe this unexpected scene. All eyes were on him and the target of his self-expression (if not self-exposure). Myrtle & Broadway, just under the train station, had become a main event at Madison Square Garden in that instant. They were the center of the world as everyone, himself included, held their breath, letting the full magnitude of these words settle in. Everyone, anxiously awaiting some kind of reaction or response.

That's kind of all i could come up with on the way to work today....i'll have to add more later on of oOoOr maybe...this'll be just another discarded "brain fart" of mine. :-P

***9:51....after a few responses from friends..i've decided to really sit down and TRY to finish this with me...for i will definitely come back with a complete one ;-)

****6 days later (Oct 22.) I've decided to abandon the story. hahah i just CANT for the life of me decide on how i wanna do it....and I've long since lost the inspiration that first made me write it

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