Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CLASSIC Office Moment!

Yoooo The people I work with are CRAZY....My coworker (Jaime) was giving another co-worker (Ela) a link to some free site that normally you have to pay for....And our other coworker (Hago's her last name..) Overhears them talking and is asks what it is....Soooo joking around, Jaime goes "oh, I gave her a link to free porn. Now she can watch full-length movies" lol And then Hago comes out with, "So....since our internet is so slow.....will it be.......slow-mo?" LMFAOO That has got to be the COOOOOOOOOOORNIEST shit I've heard in the LONGEST time. hahahah Oh man. I couldnt stop laughing. AND I promised her I'd tell EVERYONE. So, Hago, if ya reading this.....I guess all i can say is...HA HA! lmfao


Monday, March 30, 2009

My Life As a Hermit....

Yep. Yours truly, became a recluse for a while. SURPRISE SURPRISE! haha...About two weeks ago, my bro & his fiance (now wifey) were giving a lil vacation from the military...They are both stationed in Kuwait right now until the near end of the year...and bro hit me up aboud my mom n i going away with them to D.R. for a week...which is great...but the timing was HORRIBLE...The reason being, that two of my coworkers had already scheduled time off during that week to go off to london....which meant that i would have to stick around and help out with whatever stuff needed to be done..since aside from dude, im kind of the only one who knows which reports go where n how n yadda yadda yadda....Soooo my mom took off....and i was left swamped with work. lol You'd think that id take this opportunity to try to contact every hoochie n skeeze I could find and kidnap em like "Lets play 'House' for a week" but naaaaaaaaaah....I've been so moody/stressed lately that I pretty much took this chance to be totally on my own....i bare spoke to anyone when i didnt have to.....just went to work...did my hours...came home and drift....

lol i know i know..."why you look so sad eddie?" well im NOT. I just dont smile at all when im alone. thats my REAL face. O_o

and..no...i didnt really have pjs on...i just put on the shirt cause i was cold. O_o

Yep...you can tell I hardly ever left my couch. lmao

MODERN DAY HERMIT RIGHT HERE BABY! OoOW.... I DID text my ass off though....thats a given. lol I think my thumbs were the only muscle that actually got a workout that week. hahah now i have to step my "game" up and try to burn off all the calories i accumulated during that time.....a Pizza & Beef Patty diet for a week is NOT a "good look" as some of my "hood" friends say. HAHAHAH :-P


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ever Wondered What Keeps Myspace Free???


Friday, March 6, 2009

Life Without A PC....

Long story short....my pc's busted. (i think its a battery issue)...and a virus wiped out the memory of my laptop.....so.....Edward - Pc = HOMICIDE!!!

haha....Pray for me. Light a few candles.