Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CLASSIC Office Moment!

Yoooo The people I work with are CRAZY....My coworker (Jaime) was giving another co-worker (Ela) a link to some free site that normally you have to pay for....And our other coworker (Hago's her last name..) Overhears them talking and is asks what it is....Soooo joking around, Jaime goes "oh, I gave her a link to free porn. Now she can watch full-length movies" lol And then Hago comes out with, "So....since our internet is so slow.....will it be.......slow-mo?" LMFAOO That has got to be the COOOOOOOOOOORNIEST shit I've heard in the LONGEST time. hahahah Oh man. I couldnt stop laughing. AND I promised her I'd tell EVERYONE. So, Hago, if ya reading this.....I guess all i can say is...HA HA! lmfao


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