Monday, March 30, 2009

My Life As a Hermit....

Yep. Yours truly, became a recluse for a while. SURPRISE SURPRISE! haha...About two weeks ago, my bro & his fiance (now wifey) were giving a lil vacation from the military...They are both stationed in Kuwait right now until the near end of the year...and bro hit me up aboud my mom n i going away with them to D.R. for a week...which is great...but the timing was HORRIBLE...The reason being, that two of my coworkers had already scheduled time off during that week to go off to london....which meant that i would have to stick around and help out with whatever stuff needed to be done..since aside from dude, im kind of the only one who knows which reports go where n how n yadda yadda yadda....Soooo my mom took off....and i was left swamped with work. lol You'd think that id take this opportunity to try to contact every hoochie n skeeze I could find and kidnap em like "Lets play 'House' for a week" but naaaaaaaaaah....I've been so moody/stressed lately that I pretty much took this chance to be totally on my own....i bare spoke to anyone when i didnt have to.....just went to work...did my hours...came home and drift....

lol i know i know..."why you look so sad eddie?" well im NOT. I just dont smile at all when im alone. thats my REAL face. O_o

Photobucket didnt really have pjs on...i just put on the shirt cause i was cold. O_o

Photobucket can tell I hardly ever left my couch. lmao

MODERN DAY HERMIT RIGHT HERE BABY! OoOW.... I DID text my ass off though....thats a given. lol I think my thumbs were the only muscle that actually got a workout that week. hahah now i have to step my "game" up and try to burn off all the calories i accumulated during that time.....a Pizza & Beef Patty diet for a week is NOT a "good look" as some of my "hood" friends say. HAHAHAH :-P


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loreanashli said...

I'm done. That was funny with yo ol' hermit ass,lol. :P