Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Barack Roll"

It's insane the kinds of videos people make and put on youtube....hahah this is too retarded for me not to share...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Jase's New Word!!!

LMFAO I told you I was gonna put you on blast :-)

Ladies and Gentlemen...i present Jase's new word: "Tooch"....hahahahah

It is said that this word will now replace "tush" sometime in 2009...

Hahahah lemme know when you get all the paperwork out of the way and make it official

Thursday, September 25, 2008

WTF David Blaine?!

David Blaine pissed me off last night...that asshole was hanging upside in central park for 3 fuckin days...and was advertising a bullet catch....and a "dive of death"...and after all that waiting (not to mention suffering this his seemingly endless clips of "amazing" simpletons with his card tricks)...the bullet catch turned out to be some cheesy ass stunt of him holding a lil cup in his mouth...and having some marksmen shoot a rifle right at it....pffft....the aim of the shooter is far more impressive than his pendejo ass standing there to catch it....anyone can pay a crackhead 20bucks to stand there and do what he did...pffft...and as for the dive of death...everyone was speculating on whether or not he'd be able to make the jump...(which is about 4 stories) after being upside down for 3 days with no sleep or food...which is an impressive stunt but ppl came to see the fuckin dive....and this nigga jumps...and he had fuckin jumper he only fell a few feet...with a big cheesy smile as if to say "gotcha!" as some "unknown" thing lifted him higher up into the air where he "disappeared" one even cheered....i sat there looking like ---> o_O

I was FAR more impressed with Mind Freak (on A & E)....Criss Angel had a stunt where he was going to give himself exactly 13 seconds to uncuff himself from the streering wheel of a car (with no breaks) and jumping out of it while it sped off a cliff....He had his celebrity friend from Godsmack (i think his name was Scully or something...idk..) and Kurt Angle (oplymic gold medalist/wrestler) watching...When he was practicing, it seemed to be ok...he managed to uncuff himself in 7 that should be more than enough time for him to get out....BUUUUUT...when he actually did the stunt...(he had about 100 people watching on the other sides of the cliff...not to mention cameras from almost ever conceivable angle taping in one continuous shot)...i guess something seemed to go wrong and the car went over the cliff and exploded at the bottom...(apparently, with him still in it) telling you everyone was in shock...they immediately cleared everyone out and sent firemen down there to put out the car....Scully was just bugging out...Kurt Angle was cursing like crazy and even started to cry...then they started interviewing fans to see their reaction as the credits started to roll....If i know Criss, im pretty sure this is all a part of his stunt..and he just wants to fuck with everyone and keep all of us guessing...

Imma look into what actually happened :-P

But then know stunts do go wrong sometimes....a few weeks back he tried a stunt where he'd try to catch a nail shot from a nail gun...the idea was that it would be shot at a glass window i guess (him standing on the other side at a short distance) and the impact would cause the nail to kinda angle a lil upwards in its trajectory...unexpectedly, the glass shattered when the nail went through, and it sent pieces of it flying at Criss' face and it fucked up his timing...the nail ended up going right through his hand....hahah you shoulda seen dude jumping around cursing....classic...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Get Your Mind Blown!

I've been meaning to mention this book ever since my friend suggested I read it (Thanks Ana!).


It's gooooooooooood...The title should be self-explanatory...Basically, it's a collection of articles from different authors that gives you some insight on various topics. I'm telling you, this book will blow your mind :-) It makes the phrase, "You think you know...but you have no idea...", an understatement.

Check it out!

It's only about 10 bucks at Barnes & Nobles by the way...


Out With Old, In With New...

Much to my disappointment and heart ache, my phone finally broke...Don't get me wrong...I already knew it was going to happen..but i had planned on it lasting a couple of weeks at least so that I could fulfill my plan on saving some money on the side to get a new one for when it would finally give up on

I guess my phone had other plans...


Its not too clear i guess...but if u see on the left side (that lil red...or orange thing) its broken there and was getting ready to snap off completely on me..hahah..fortunately, i was able to get out a text to everyone telling em not to call or text me....of course some didnt listen...but *shrug*

Anyway, this forced my hand and I, reluctantly, bought a new phone ahead of schedule...the LG Shine (black)....whee.


Just look at that bad bitch....OoOOw...:-P Let's see how long this one will last me...I've been having such bad luck with technology lately...o_O

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remember The Good Ol' Days...?

When singers were fat and ugly...but could ACTUALLY sing?!

Believe me...I have a lot more, much better examples than this...but I'm vibing to this song now... :-P

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cooper 35

So last Thursday (9/18), my co-workers and I went to an asian restaurant called "Cooper 35" to celebrate one of their b-day's (which was the next day). It's a decent looking is a lil gay...and I was a lil pissed that everyone seemed to get their food fast, while mine took FOREVER to get....check out the pics below...

Grey Goose w/Cranberry..oh yea...CHECK OUT THE BIG ASS STRAWS THEY GAVE US!


The Bday girl's meal...


I think that was fried calamari...


and it took forever for me to get THAT? which didnt even taste good...

So yeeeah...there you have it...except for the whole food was an overall decent night. Got a lil tipsy (that's what i get for drinking without eating lunch yet again..s.m.h) and then we even got into a "picture war"...If you want to see those, just check out my myspace...


Friday, September 19, 2008


I just HAD to share some vids with yall...cause damn....

oh man....check this one

its a funny world out there....


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long Distance Relationships..

Check out a convo I just had with a friend of mine...should be self explanatory...

[15:10] HER!: yo wat do u think about long distance relationships
[15:10] ME!!!: a waste of time
[15:10] ME!!!: i would never suggest anyone gettin into it
[15:10] ME!!!: it just doesnt work
[15:10] ME!!!: n its really unfair to both sides
[15:11] HER!: now what if u were together for a while then one had to move away for various reasons and the other planned on joining them later
[15:11] ME!!!: well
[15:12] ME!!!: depends if the person is even serious about joining em later...which usually turns out to be bs...
[15:12] ME!!!: and 2...imma just say this for me personally...if im with someone...n they move not giving up the life i have here just to go with them
[15:12] ME!!!: it just doesnt work that way
[15:12] ME!!!: i can understand if we're already married and we "together" make the decision to pack up everything n move
[15:13] ME!!!: but i dont follow anyone
[15:13] ME!!!: id rather just end it...n keep living my life...n figure, if its meant to be (as some people say) we'll find our way back to eachother
[15:13] HER!: ok
[15:13] ME!!!: it doesn thave to end on bad terms or anything
[15:13] ME!!!: but it saves the trouble of silly ass arguements and whatnot
[15:13] HER!: but what if u plan on getting married and all that i mean u really love this person
[15:13] ME!!!: like i said
[15:14] ME!!!: it just doesnt work that way lol
[15:14] ME!!!: if i "love" someone
[15:14] ME!!!: and i know that their life is taking them elsewhere
[15:14] ME!!!: a place that i cant or simply wont chose to follow
[15:14] ME!!!: id let them go
[15:14] HER!: yeah but its not their choice to move its the only thing they can do
[15:14] ME!!!: i wouldnt follow them cause i cant just give up my life
[15:14] ME!!!: i didnt say it was their just saying
[15:15] ME!!!: that life sometimes leads you on a path away from the person u love
[15:15] ME!!!: and they cant always follow
[15:15] ME!!!: and it just causes too many needless issues to try to force it
[15:15] ME!!!: when you could just agree to live your lives then somehow find your way back
[15:15] HER!: ok...i was j/w
[15:15] ME!!!: i know
[15:15] ME!!!: its liek my homegirl....she's MADLY in love with this guy in AZ
[15:15] ME!!!: but he has his professional life there
[15:15] ME!!!: and she has hers here
[15:16] ME!!!: despite how much they love and care for eachother neither of em would just pack up and move just for the other one
[15:16] ME!!!: they're mature enough to understand that the other has their own life to live
[15:16] HER!: i guess ppl r diff
[15:16] ME!!!: yeah and smarter i guess hahah
[15:16] ME!!!: and they're patient enough to know that if it really is meant for them to be
[15:16] ME!!!: life will bring em together eventually
[15:17] ME!!!: most people are too stubborn to get this...but usually..when u try to force something it ends up blowing up in ya face
[15:17] ME!!!: *shrug* just how life is
[15:17] ME!!!: its unfair sometimes
[15:17] HER!: well i mean its not that its being forced i guess for some ppl its just sumthin that sum folk choose to do n sumtimes it does work
[15:18] ME!!!: lol
[15:18] ME!!!: hardly
[15:18] ME!!!: im a man of statistics
[15:18] HER!: yeah so am i but idk folk b surprisin me
[15:18] ME!!!: i suppose
[15:19] HER!: i say it b/c i used to say it never works out but ive met a few couples in which it has worked out
[15:20] ME!!!: welp
[15:20] ME!!!: i guess
[15:20] ME!!!: and it IS rare
[15:20] ME!!!: but like u said
[15:20] ME!!!: ppl are diff.
[15:20] ME!!!: so u cant really go by based on what worked for other people
[15:20] ME!!!: like i see motha fuckas dunking a basketball
[15:20] ME!!!: lol
[15:20] ME!!!: doesnt mean i'll do it if i jump the same way they do
[15:20] ME!!!: haha
[15:21] ME!!!: or or..." n so smoked a blunt and nothing happened to him." pfft lolol
[15:21] ME!!!: that theory is severely flawed
[15:21] ME!!!: "if they can do it, i can" pffft
[15:21] HER!: k
[15:21] ME!!!: thats overly optimistic delusion
[15:21] ME!!!: lmfao
[15:23] ME!!!: i love how i come up with these phrases..."overly optimistic delusion" lmfao
[15:23] HER!: yeah...cuz ive had a few ppl tell me so far that it doesnt work...n they say this based on their past experiences but they say it with such a convinction that its as if since it didnt work for me its not going to work for anyone
[15:24] ME!!!: well
[15:25] ME!!!: i simply say it because if u take a look at the situation from a logical point of view
[15:25] ME!!!: not to mention the amount of relationships that seemed "perfect" at first but ultimately failed BECAUSE they tried to stay together after someone moved away
[15:25] ME!!!: aaaand just the overall knowledge of typical human nature
[15:25] HER!: no of course but then again when has the emotion of "love" been considered logical
[15:25] ME!!!: long distance relationships werent meant to work out
[15:25] ME!!!: its not really a "relationship"
[15:25] ME!!!: its just the illusion of one
[15:26] ME!!!: n i think its unfair to the one who feels the most in the relationship typically the female
[15:26] ME!!!: cause liek damn...if im together with someone...and i move away i wouldnt want/expect them to still want to be with me
[15:26] ME!!!: "exclusively"
[15:26] HER!: idk the couples ive met were together for the longest then someone had to move they did the long distance thing the other eventually moved or both met at a point and there you go
[15:26] ME!!!: its unfair to her
[15:26] ME!!!: i know females have needs
[15:26] ME!!!: n its not on a sexual thing
[15:26] ME!!!: but u know
[15:26] HER!: yeah
[15:27] ME!!!: they need to feel that warmth
[15:27] ME!!!: of someone holding them
[15:27] ME!!!: n just physically being there for em
[15:27] ME!!!: on all levels
[15:27] ME!!!: n i wouldnt want to hold them back from potentially finding someone who might even be better for them than i am
[15:27] ME!!!: just because i selfishly want to hold on to her from god knows how many miles away
[15:27] ME!!!: its just ridiculous
[15:28] HER!: yeah but some ppl dont think like that
[15:28] ME!!!: well thats because some people are overly delusional, blinded by their own selfish nature to "not want to let go" lol
[15:29] ME!!!: i suppose i come off as heartless and im sure i talk like its easy to let go of someone you love
[15:29] ME!!!: believe me i get that
[15:29] ME!!!: n i hope to never have to go through that cause i know i'll be kicking myself in the ass
[15:29] ME!!!: and i know i wouldnt WANT to let her go
[15:29] ME!!!: but ultimately, i would
[15:29] ME!!!: cause its just not fair
[15:29] ME!!!: to either of us
[15:36] ME!!!: so yea. there u have it
[15:37] ME!!!: sorry if thats prolly not the answer u were looking for. but u can bet its the most honest one

Peter is a

I saw this episode of Family Guy last night when Peter decided to bully had me DYING the whole

Just a taste...

People Watching On The Train...

So yesterday, I didnt have my book to read while on the train ride home so I had to resort to watching my fellow commuters as entertainment...You can always find SOMETHING to look at when you're on the train...a female and her mom walked into the train and idk why but they drew my attention so i just leaned back and kept looking at them...

this is what i wrote to myself on my phone (since i didnt have a pen n

"Some black lady (probably mid to late 20s) was here with her mom...Her mom sat down and after a few moments poked at the opening of her daughter's bag when her daughter goes, "It's closed" and proceeds to show her how everything in her bag is zipped up. The mom just smiles as if to say "you know me so well". Daughter jus closes her eyes and goes back into her own world. mother does the same. I could tell by how tight her eye lids were shut, she was probably mildly annoyed...I wonder if she has to deal with her mom's worrisome and controlling-ish attitude often. I kept wondering how she must've been when she was little. Mom was probably always on her case...over protective about the littlest details of her life. I'm sure this must've put a strain on her personal life... I bet she constantly reminded her to be "careful" seeing as "guys only have one thing in mind"...I doubt she'll ever marry...or maybe she would if only just to finally escape her mom o_O...Then strangely enough, I thought about my ex...I imagine her and her mom must've had and probably still do have moments just like this on occassion..."

See how my mind wanders?! lol


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Secrets of Combating Allergies...

Season's changing....and the War on Allergies begins once more...key things you'll need to insure victory...

Gots to have some allergy medicine...

OF COURSE, you need your vapor rub....

Let us not forget a bottle of homemade tea....

This is a plus...a hispanic mom...a.k.a witch doctor...





Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Probe the Secrets of the Universe

That's right! Scientists are still at it! In yet another attempt at discovering more "secrets" of the Universe, scientists in the world famous organization known as "CERN" have completed the largest atom smasher - Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It officially came online today and everyone was both excited and terrified. There had been a lot of speculation about whether or not this machine could potentially destroy the earth. Many skeptics said that it would create many mini black holes that would end up ripping the earth apart. lol...People like Stephan Hawking, however, say that its highly unlikely that it'll have some catastrophic result. According to him and others, even it it were to create a black hole, it would be far too small and would evaporate almost instantly. So no worries!

Basically, this machine is suppose to accelerate sub-atomic particles to almost the speed of light before smashing them in each other. The results should help solve questions like whether or not the "Higgs Boson" a.k.a "God Particle" really explanation for "dark matter" and "dark energy", which is said to make up 96% of the cosmos, and also whether or not other dimensions exist parallel to ours. The collisions should bring about temperature about 100,000 times hotter than the sun...which is "fleetingly" a replica of conditions spit seconds after the "Big Bang".

Yes...I am in total geek mode right now...The had this baby charging up for a few months now and they finally turned it one. Scientists were overjoyed that it passed its first key tests. The first beams were circulated through the collider on today. But, the first high-energy collisions are planned to take place after the LHC is officially unveiled on October 21, 2008. But the REAL fun will begin about a year from now, when they say it'll be operating at full power. Can't wait!