Thursday, September 25, 2008

WTF David Blaine?!

David Blaine pissed me off last night...that asshole was hanging upside in central park for 3 fuckin days...and was advertising a bullet catch....and a "dive of death"...and after all that waiting (not to mention suffering this his seemingly endless clips of "amazing" simpletons with his card tricks)...the bullet catch turned out to be some cheesy ass stunt of him holding a lil cup in his mouth...and having some marksmen shoot a rifle right at it....pffft....the aim of the shooter is far more impressive than his pendejo ass standing there to catch it....anyone can pay a crackhead 20bucks to stand there and do what he did...pffft...and as for the dive of death...everyone was speculating on whether or not he'd be able to make the jump...(which is about 4 stories) after being upside down for 3 days with no sleep or food...which is an impressive stunt but ppl came to see the fuckin dive....and this nigga jumps...and he had fuckin jumper he only fell a few feet...with a big cheesy smile as if to say "gotcha!" as some "unknown" thing lifted him higher up into the air where he "disappeared" one even cheered....i sat there looking like ---> o_O

I was FAR more impressed with Mind Freak (on A & E)....Criss Angel had a stunt where he was going to give himself exactly 13 seconds to uncuff himself from the streering wheel of a car (with no breaks) and jumping out of it while it sped off a cliff....He had his celebrity friend from Godsmack (i think his name was Scully or something...idk..) and Kurt Angle (oplymic gold medalist/wrestler) watching...When he was practicing, it seemed to be ok...he managed to uncuff himself in 7 that should be more than enough time for him to get out....BUUUUUT...when he actually did the stunt...(he had about 100 people watching on the other sides of the cliff...not to mention cameras from almost ever conceivable angle taping in one continuous shot)...i guess something seemed to go wrong and the car went over the cliff and exploded at the bottom...(apparently, with him still in it) telling you everyone was in shock...they immediately cleared everyone out and sent firemen down there to put out the car....Scully was just bugging out...Kurt Angle was cursing like crazy and even started to cry...then they started interviewing fans to see their reaction as the credits started to roll....If i know Criss, im pretty sure this is all a part of his stunt..and he just wants to fuck with everyone and keep all of us guessing...

Imma look into what actually happened :-P

But then know stunts do go wrong sometimes....a few weeks back he tried a stunt where he'd try to catch a nail shot from a nail gun...the idea was that it would be shot at a glass window i guess (him standing on the other side at a short distance) and the impact would cause the nail to kinda angle a lil upwards in its trajectory...unexpectedly, the glass shattered when the nail went through, and it sent pieces of it flying at Criss' face and it fucked up his timing...the nail ended up going right through his hand....hahah you shoulda seen dude jumping around cursing....classic...


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