Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why I Lack Power...lol

Its funny...I was on the train this morning just checking out females (naturally lol) and I honestly started day dreaming that a world like "Heroes" (that show on NBC about ppl with powers...they give it on mondays for those who are curious...) was real and I kinda imagined what I'd do if, lets say, I had the ability to get into people's minds....and thats when I realized why i am one of those who were born without power... Because of my nature, i would seriously abuse that shit......hahaha i think that if i were in the position of true power, i would be a complete sexual deviant. I mean...picture me being able to control people's minds O_o imagine that...or picture me being king or something....id be another Caligula....without the incest though...:-P