Friday, February 26, 2010

Can I have Yo number?!

Can I?! Can I?! Huh?! Can I!? O_O

SO LISTEN...can i have yo number? can i have it? can i? can i have it? can you give me yo area code? can i have yo number? can i?

hahahah peace

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts From The Toilet

*I really was sitting on the can when I thought this dammit...

"Hmm...If God and Angels and even Devils truly exist...Might they be watching and laughing at my facial expression when I'm pushing this shit out? O_o creepy...hahaha"

Hey, if we're made in G's image, he might as well be a voyeur too...


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Taken from One Minute Writer: "What is a sure-fire way that you become distracted from the task at hand?"

I think the most effective way to distract me from whatever I'm doing is to start a VERY interesting conversation with me. lol If its interesting enough, chances are I'll completely forget about what I had to do. Good convos are so rare to come by these can I pass such a golden chance up?


Human Nature!!!

Damn...MJ did his thing when he came out with this song...People loved it so much they HAD to do a cover of it...I think i still have a cover Boys 2 Men did of it...Check out these over covers ppl did...friggin Miles Davis...Stevie Wonder....even John Mayer...>:-] it was all goood




You already know I'm vibing today...>:-]

R.I.P Mike!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Co-worker's Comeback

Some weirdo was apparently coming in and out of the building. So, they were passing around flyers in the building letting people know not to let any strange people into their offices. So, while I was in the bathroom, my coworker took advantage of this and "modified" the flyer a little bit...

That was posted in the hallway for hoooooours...lmao I didnt even realize it until someone apparently stopped by and was questioning about it. O_o So friggin funny...

Lets see what MY revenge will be like...>:-]

To see what started this, go here.


Some Good Advice

Face sitting isnt for everyone...


Hardcore Gamer???

LMAO what can i say....I'm a sicko...


I like that she seems to have an appreciation for old school.....LMFAO


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photoshop Prank!

Yall remember a few days ago, I posted that image that says: "Nothing says love like FISTING"? Well I decided to email that pic to all my coworkers...and this one friggin turd...decides to take that pic and use it for a lil prank..check it out!

I was caught so off guard but it was so friggin funny! And I told em, as usual, "I'm gonna get you"...No one believed I went ahead and did this...

REVENGE MOTHA FUCKA! REVENGE! I couldnt decide whether to do this..or to try to photoshop a turban and a longer beard on him...Maybe next time...>:-]


Return To Shake Shack!!!!

We were talking about this for a while! Since last summer, we kept mentioning taking another trip to Shake Shack in Madison Park but things kept coming up and we never did. Today, on some truly random shit, we finally went. We kinda took advantage of the fact that practically everyone else in the office had gone off to Las Vegas for a tradeshow and just went on a lil "field trip" :-P

I had two friggin double burgers and fries!!!! I had already eaten one at this point..insane...I never thought that I would actually struggle eating the second one O_o I'm feeling the after effects even now as I'm writing this...haha

I wonder if I growled at one point while eating this...hahaha

My coworker was so friggin hyped to go. If only I would've taken a pic of her all giddy on the way over lmao classic

Just a random pic of a terrorist getting lunch before going on his mission...LMAO jk jk Nah my other coworker being funky hahah

Overall....GOOD TIMES! Cant wait til this summer...there are plenty other spots we've gotta eat at...


Friday, February 12, 2010

In the Spirit Of Valentine's Day...

..Let me just say...

haha Enjoy

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great Way To Start The Day

You wake up. You step outside of your house. Its a bright and sunny day. You take in a breath of fresh air. You turn your gaze towards your neighbors yard. And you see this...