Wednesday, June 24, 2009

War Coming Soon???

Welp...apparently N. Korea is getting pretty hostile towards the U.S....They flat out threatened that if "we" start another conflict that they'll "wipe us off the face of the Earth" once and for all...Amazing...O_O check out the article on yahoo...

Yahoo! News

Pray it doesnt happen yall! Buuut..if it does. O_o


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Randoms!!!

Because its hot as FUCK in the office...making it hard to really focus...I figured I'd kill a few minutes to share some interest/funny/cool pics I have...

I cant remember where my coworker found this one...I think she was doing research for some presentation she was putting together and stumbled across it hahah

Alright...if you're a sports figure....or rather...any kind of NOT let yourself get caught on film with a face like this....O_o do you REALLY want all your fans thinking you just pooped ya'self?

Now for these images below....I was working on a "collection" report at work...ands omeone had sent me a collage...I needed to make an icon using part of the collage...and it had such funny friggin elements in, being a perv, I just couldnt resist doing this...

hahah how wrong do those look!?


Thursday, June 18, 2009

B-day Gift From My Coworker...

lmao yep...another year's gone by...and Im that much closer to my inevitable demise O_O lol But anyway...we celebrated my bday at the office today...and since im ALWAYS talking about pooping to my of em decided to make me this image hahah

King Poopie

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Convo About Music

I was vibing to this song while talking to my homegirl...

Luther Vandross & Beyonce - The Closer I Get To You

me: hmm
this is a ridiculously nice song
its sa that songs like this probably wont come out anymore

HER!!!: oh by luther vandross?
heck no
the age of love died with him

me: yea unfortunately

HER!!!: the closest we might get its ne-yo

me: lol yo i was seriously born in the wrong era
yea u right


me: but it seems like a lot of his songs deal with relationship issues

HER!!!: but ne-yos trying

me: i have even really listened to anything recent of his
i think the last song i actually listened to was 'she got her own"

HER!!!: lol

me: n thats just cause my friend kept playing it over n over n over n over N OVER again

HER!!!: lol

me: evolution of music...."making love""freaking you""cheating on my girl with some bad bitch in the club"
now for the female perspective......umm..umm..."love me like i deserve to be loved""i caught my man cheating""fuck a nigga I MAKE MAH OWN MONEY"

HER!!!: LMAO hahahah
that is so funny

me: O:-) u kno im right lmao

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Rant To A Friend

Just felt like sharing...

me: some 17yr old chick was on the news the other day...apparently she was struck by lightning n survived
big whoop...why waste air time with some mullet having hick...who sounds like a boy when she speaks...O_o...AT LEAST impress me with something....shit...say that the lightning gave her super powers or something.. like that she sounded more girly before gettin struck by lightning...but then that would just lead to a bunch of fuckers wanting a sex change operation...n figuring that being struck by lightning would be better than payin for horomones to modify their voices

O_o friggin media

SICK Friggin Convo...

hahah Dont read if you're sensitive.....seriously...O_o

MY COWORKER!!!: Oh man
taking a shit for me is like a ritual

ME!!!: hahahah
dont do it
dont u fuckind o it

MY COWORKER!!!: first is the
process of preparing the space
the paper
then comes the process
of seating and taking the bigest shit of ur life
make sure that toilet gets stained
then wipe that ass with the soft tissue
like a baby
then just stand up and feel proud of what u did
then look at urself on the mirror
and be like wow
Im god
then flush that motha fucka
ME!!!: man you go do what you gotta do!
but thats TWICE i destroy that toilet

MY COWORKER!!!: and feel like u let one of ur kids go on the toilet

ME!!!: leaving ppl traumatized
king of the castle
king of the castle
MY COWORKER!!!: then the final step of the ritual

ME!!!: lmao
MY COWORKER!!!: spray that shit without making noise
ME!!!: shit
MY COWORKER!!!: then

ME!!!: u can spray it if u want to
but I am NOT ashamed of my work
thats just finishing a gangsta ass graffiti tag on a wall
and then painting lil sissy flowers on it
to make it look "pretty"
thats fucking up ART meng
fuck air spray


ME!!!: shit aint RIGHT til its burning the nostrils
if a person doesnt come out of the bathroom looking like O_O..... i didnt do my job
thats MY ritual
destroy the toilet
then sit back n wait for the unlucky bastard who uses it after MY COWORKER!!!

MY COWORKER!!!: lol I dont know man
but our rituals seem to be a little different

lmao crazy right!?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just Felt Like Sharing This...

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this before...but every time I hear this song, it always puts a huge smile on my face

Lets Call The Whole Thing Off - Ella Fitzgerald

I LOVE classics like this...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Peace... (another one of my literary brainfarts)

Peace - the obliteration of all thine enemies,
'til foolish enough to oppose thy rule
there are none.

*lol its not much. but it was a thought that came to me while i was pooping...:-P dont mind me