Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Convo About Music

I was vibing to this song while talking to my homegirl...

Luther Vandross & Beyonce - The Closer I Get To You

me: hmm
this is a ridiculously nice song
its sa that songs like this probably wont come out anymore

HER!!!: oh by luther vandross?
heck no
the age of love died with him

me: yea unfortunately

HER!!!: the closest we might get its ne-yo

me: lol yo i was seriously born in the wrong era
yea u right


me: but it seems like a lot of his songs deal with relationship issues

HER!!!: but ne-yos trying

me: i have even really listened to anything recent of his
i think the last song i actually listened to was 'she got her own"

HER!!!: lol

me: n thats just cause my friend kept playing it over n over n over n over N OVER again

HER!!!: lol

me: evolution of music...."making love""freaking you""cheating on my girl with some bad bitch in the club"
now for the female perspective......umm..umm..."love me like i deserve to be loved""i caught my man cheating""fuck a nigga I MAKE MAH OWN MONEY"

HER!!!: LMAO hahahah
that is so funny

me: O:-) u kno im right lmao

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