Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Rant To A Friend

Just felt like sharing...

me: some 17yr old chick was on the news the other day...apparently she was struck by lightning n survived
big whoop...why waste air time with some mullet having hick...who sounds like a boy when she speaks...O_o...AT LEAST impress me with something....shit...say that the lightning gave her super powers or something.. or...or..idk....be like that she sounded more girly before gettin struck by lightning...but then that would just lead to a bunch of fuckers wanting a sex change operation...n figuring that being struck by lightning would be better than payin for horomones to modify their voices

O_o friggin media


Bombchell said...

(side eye) thats huge because a bunch die, get burned etc, its not a tv show.

Eddie said...

lol yea i was just being a lil ignorant at the moment :-P

Monika Dubska said...

omg, my worst fear lol

thanks for the comment :P

Monika xx