Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Talib Kweli - Def Poetry Jam

Just enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dedicated to a FEW Ladies

No no...not all ladies...Just a few who really should pay attention to the lyrics...haha


Monday, September 14, 2009


This is retarded. This morning, before heading out to work, I saw this commercial about somethign that you're suppose to combine with your anti-depressants. Apparently, when whatever anti-depressant you're on isnt doing it for continue taking it, along with this product called "Abilify" and its suppose to (I guess) increase the effectiveness of what you're taking...You gotta see the video....

Did you hear the insanely long list of "side effects"?! Who in their right mind would take this anyway??? Who's that desperate? Get rid of your trading it in for high blood pressure, seizures, strokes, suicidal impulses, and countless other shit! haha amazing... I really dont understand the whole point of resorting to drugs for cure psychological issues...Its really ridiculous...Why do all that when there are much more conventional ways to deal with yes...TALKING about wtf is bothering you! O_o Ever think of that? Now, I know that not all of us can afford a therapist...but I'm pretty sure that we can find a least ONE friggin friend willing to sit there and listen to us rant about our issues...(I should know...since I'm usually the one they come Or...if you dont feel like opening up to an individual...Open up to yourself...get a a slightly weird (yet effective) way...just go get laid! lol Its been proven that lack of sexual release, can lead to ppl becoming really mood and/or falling deeper into their depression and whatnot. So there ya go! You dont REALLY need to take meds for shit like this....

And wtf is up with these meds that claim to "cure" something...and in turn give you 10 other ailments...?! I believe that these Docs. really just want to make you well enough to continue being a productive member of society...(Like with the depression...these drugs will probably just help you get out of bed and make it opposed to wallowing in your self pity locked up in your room with all the windows covered...O_o). BUT, on the other hand, they dont really care whether or not you're actually well....and as a means of getting you to keep coming back...they make sure that the effects of these meds dont you have to get another fix...(sometimes a stronger fix...) AND also create all sorts of other problems for you, requiring you to get many more different kinds of medications and treatments and yadda yadda....making them more and more money.

Its really friggin ridiculous...


Friday, September 11, 2009

Light Graffiti & Light Art

This is pretty friggin cool...You can see the other pics here.

Check it out!

Madonna...a mass murderer???

Lol This is from someone else's blog...check it out!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brain Fart From A Recluse

How can I move forward
when I know not where I face
To clouded minds, all roads
the same seem
Mists of self-doubt, confusing paths,
disrupting destinations...
If only reason'd be my compass
hope, my companion
in this journey to find
my lover, Peace.
That I, at my hour
know I do not drift
into my dream wanting...

I have a very strange habit of whenever I have long weekends....or time off (haha dique...) I tend to become a recluse....I completely disappear off the face of the earth and just stay home, usually in some form of deep thought (even if some might not realize it). Unfortunately, due to what I tend to think about, I also become really the point that I cant even sleep O_o So I'll just be sitting in my living room all night...sometimes flipping through the channels, even if im not really lookin at anything...or staring off into space....or, even trying to collect my thoughts, although that kinda fails each time..haha...its crazy. This weekend that just passed, Labor Day, was no different....It was a 3-day weekend....and after saturday morning, when I stepped out for 5mins to buy some bread, I turned into the recluse yet again....bouncing from thoughts of life and the lives of my mother and father to checking out documentaries on the Beatles...O_o random, i know....Thing is, that apparently they're coming out with a Rock Band game dedicated to the Beatles....and of course, there's always a channel that jumps at this opportunity to play non-stop things related to whatever subject they can this case..the Beatles. hahah it was interesting cause I found out that a lot of the songs I liked when I was younger...random ass songs Id hear on a movie or something...were songs that they sang O_O...

Overall, the only thing "positive" from all this, really, is that I finally opened up this lil book I had (that i hadnt written in since 2007...) and started writing again...I think I'm going to force myself to matter how crappy or cheesy I think what I write is...if one, to clear up my mental cobwebs....and get my thoughts out already.

Allow me to say it for you....."Good luck Edward!"

thanks! hahaha


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MJ Remix Suite!

I stumbled across this on imeem....I really liked the remix to Dancing Maching....and I Wanna Be Where You Are...Check it out!

Michael Jackson: Remix Suite I


Blog Post On Bra Sizes!?

hahaha My my friend is too friggin funny for this one...check out her blog on tumblr...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Digital Gir/Rock With You???

Lol Someone decided to mix the two songs....It actually sounded pretty decent!


Attempting To Be Healthy......Again.

Yes, people. I give lunch. In an attempt to, once again, be "healthy" and save money (cause anyone who works in the city knows its expensive to eat there), I've gone back to bringing food from we have some oven-baked chicken breast (goooood for protein)...and sweet peas, I think...O_o yum....yum.....yum....hahah Dont get me wrong, this actually tastes pretty good...and its a hell of a lot better than what my mom would try to give me if she didnt already know how incredibly picky I am with foods...I already know, though, that Im going to get tired of it eventually...

And we all know what'll happen then....

I'll be re-united with my sweet love again! lmao :-P Just kidding...just kidding...I'm going to try to stick to this....but I cant promise that I wont buy some oreos later after work....haha