Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Randoms!

I was at some random pharmacy in the city with my coworkers and I glanced at this...It struck me as funny that they actually come out with gender specific if it really makes a difference when ya constipated? lmao or maybe what they're trying to say is that they dont want the ladies out there pooping like their men. lmao blowing up toilets n shit...I'd laugh if the person who first came up with this concept was inspired by his gf or wife, who probably dropped a bomb in his bathroom that was 20x more rancid than his own lol Now Im here really wondering if maybe his pride was hurt by it so he's trying to save his fellow men from experiencing the same feeling of utter defeat. HAHAHAH

I dont think I really need to point out why I thought this was funny in so many My co-workers and I took a lil stroll in the city yesterday because NOTHING was friggin why sit around right?

We came back to the office and shit still wasnt working so I entertained myself with this DO YOU SEE WHAT BOREDOM DOES TO ME?!


Friday, May 15, 2009

The Eye Of God

I found one of these pics on someone's face book....and was so impressed I googled the "Eye of god" in google and found the other one...ohhh man. :-)
Super Mega Geek Mode.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just A Random Thought...

I dont know how these thoughts pop into my head....buuut....I guess thats one of the "gifts" of being bored out your ass at work....In any case, wouldnt it be interesting if, instead of whooping your kids ass whenever he or she acts up, you just sit on their head and fart? lmaooo I mean think about it, if you hit them...sure, it'll hurt that in that instance...but that pain sometimes quickly fades away...and they might soon forget the lesson learned for their lil act of idiocy....HOWEVER, if you really manage to throw a viiiicious talkin one bad enough to singe the nostrils......that kind of damage (both emotional, and physical) could take YEARS to fix....and they'll certainly think twice before acting a fool.....

:-) imma be such a good friggin dad.....OoOw!

LMAO Peace

Friday, May 8, 2009

Random Randoms...

My coworker was checking out different sites to pull images for a report she was doing...and she found this site and showed me a few images...SOooOoo i went back to the site and picked out a few pics that caught my eye...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hypocrite? Or Ignorant maybe?

I think I have a bad habit of losing my patience with certain people when they come to me, complaining about how "crappy" their life is...or how frustrated they feel with the way things are...or even just how tired they are of "everything"...I wonder if maybe its that I'm just ignorant to the way that they feel...(even though I really do pride myself on my understanding of just about everyone....which is probably why they come to me in the first place)...and am a lil too quick to judge them and their particular situation....Maybe I'm too quick to think of people as "just another statistic"...O_o...I think I'm letting my overall bad attitude get in the way of, my truly connecting and ACTUALLY helping people now.... At the same time....maybe I'm just a hypocrite....I've been noticing that a lot of the complaints that I've heard from people...are the exact same thoughts that I've had...and yet I lose my patience almost immediately and offer no real words of wisdom....or at LEAST some of sympathy....I dont bother to say, "hey, i feel exactly the same sometimes...I know how you feel". Nada. Its sad really.....perhaps, because I somehow find the resolve to push these thoughts and feelings deep deep dwon, I expect others to do the same and when I see that their incapable of doing such, I dub them as "weak"....which isnt true....cause in a way, it does take some measure of strength to open up, even if just a little bit, to someone else and let them know what it is you're feeling....and thats something I dont do.

soOOoOI guess that makes me a hypocritical, ignorant, sometimes self-righteous, weakling. haha. Isnt that just great?