Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Messing Around...

Lol Anyone who's seen my away messages on aim know's I've been pretty photoshop crazy's some shit I made messing around...tum tum tum!


Lol my bro was cracking on me for this one...


I wanted to make my own contact thing on myspace..n background...soon...soon...imma make a layout...i hope...i this is on my page already though..


juuuuuust messing around....



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Arent You Tired of Me Posting All These Vids?!

Well sorry...but i GOTTA keep doing it..cause these vids are too stupid for me not to post...hahahaha

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


YOOO! These lil white boys are BUGGING! I cant even hate on that though. That was pretty funny hahaha

LMAO Insane...

They are soooo f'in stuuuuupid lmfao s.m.h

FINALLY Reading It....

It's crazy...some 4 years ago, a classmate of mine had suggested that I buy this book, "1984" - George Orwell...and I did, on a whim, but because at the time I was all caught up reading Anne Rice novels...not to mention some books about poetry, I completely forgot about this book lmao...truthfully, I picked it up ONE day and didnt get passed the first paragraph and left it just like that until now.


I'm happy to say that it's actually turning out to be a decent read...Most (if not all) of Europe is under the control of some SUPER fascist government that refers to itself as "The Party"...with someone named "Big Brother" being at the head of it all...It's friggin crazy...I havent gotten that far into it yet...but so far, I'm liking it. lol I only wish I had read it years ago....

sidenote...I cant friggin wait til they release Dan Brown's latest novel "The Solomon Key"!!!


Friday, November 14, 2008

We Are Who We Attract

Say what you will. Agree. Disagree. I know there are ALWAYS going to be lil "special cases", exceptions. It doesn't matter. This is me generalizing, based on what I've seen in my life and those around me...But, truthfully, we ARE what we attract. Lets face it, people are instinctively drawn towards others that, on some level, they feel are "like" them...or who they think will "match" or "go well" with them. So, if all you seem to attract are losers...well...sorry but...that must make you a loser in some must mean that you have loser tendencies...If all you attract are crazies, its because you must be crazy yourself. See, its all about finding that "common ground" with someone. Its the only way they can "connect" with you, I guess, because you are in fact the same in some way...even if that way isnt clear to you at that particular moment. But that similarity is there. I guess, on a superficial level, this is why "pretty" people get mad when all these "ugly" people are always trying to go after them. They get offended as if to say, "Do you REALLY think we would look good together!? Do you REALLY think that I would be happy (or rather, proud) to say that you're mine? Or have you say that I'm yours?" and so on...

Even I'm guilty of thinking that way....when some of these females tell me that they find me attractive...or that they like me...blah blah blah (which is strange, because how can you TRULY like someone you barely even know...but w/e)...I think to myself, " must REALLY think I'm as damaged as you are..." But I guess, when i stop and REALLY analyze our personalities...I see some of my own traits in them....but often, those traits arent really the ones I like about that just makes me dislike them more than I already do.

It's a crazy thing. And I find it interesting how so many people try to go against this, for the saaame reason I have for disliking a lot of these females...This is why you constantly see people struggling to find someone who is, in fact, better than them. (Not REALLY better, but just someone who they feel is better in some way. That way they avoid seeing their own flaws reflected in the person they're with.)

That's just what I think...


***10:53...I guess my mind's still racing because now I have to pose this question....By that logic, if you're the type of person who goes after (if not falls for) people who all are drastically different from eachother...would that, now, imply that you don't really know who you are, since it seems that you don't really know who you truly "match" with?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Me talking shit...

Anyone who REALLY knows me...already knows that i like to talk A LOT of shit...just to give you a clue of the kind of shit i say on the regular...check what i told one of my homegirls just now...

"i think if all the fat people on the planet suddenly disappeared, the shift in the earth's collection weigh would be so great so fast that we would in fact get jerked off of our axis as well as our revolutionary track and would start to spin wildly while drift away from the sun, spelling definite DOOM for us all. so next time you see a fat person eating something greasy, pat them on the shoulder and say "thanks fatass." LMFAO"

Yep...I'm really an asshole. But I dont care :-P

Monday, November 10, 2008

"You're my consolation"??? wtf?

I'm listening to this song called "If This World Were Mine" (by Luther Vandross & Chery Lynn and at one point the girl said "You are my consolation" and it struck me as funny 'cause, to me, it seemed like she meant it as "consolation prize" or know how when you fail or lose at something and they give you something just so you dont cry and bitch about losing? lmao so now im thinking, why would you call someone you supposedly love that? its almost like saying "i failed at life, but i have so you so its not so bad..." o_O wtf?

IDK...maybe I'm just misinterpreting it...

Just a thought...

random...but....I think its a lil sad and somewhat ironic that people constantly go on n on about trying find someone who's "special" but in all honesty the deeper you dig into someone, the more you find out about them, and find out how they really the very core....they're no different from everyone else. Kinda defeats the purpose of trying, dont you think? i think it'd be more honest of everyone to say, instead, that they're simply trying to find someone who doesn't annoy the shit out of them and fucks well... o_O

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Let Yo' Sooooul GLOOOOW!

Crazy how this became one of the more memorable scenes out of this movie! lmao I loved Coming To America...If you havent seen it yet, DEFINITELY check it out!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


LMAO Shout out to my homegirl Nyna for sending me this shit hahahah I told her I wasnt going to vote and she emailed me this...

tooOoOoo funny! I needed a good laugh today :-)

An Music Artist at Work...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

FINALLY Learning Photoshop...

Yeah...I was talking about it for a WHIIIIIILE that i wanted to sit down and really learn so lately I've been messing around with it and I managed to do a few is me....showing off my amateur "skills" lmfao

Now this was me doing a tutorial to put text over the water and have a "reflection" effect...i think i goofed up on it though....*shrug*

Now THIS is the one im proud of! IT TOOK ME ALL DAMN DAY CAUSE I KEPT FUCKING UP!!!! lmfao but after many hours...(and a lot of cursing) i was able to do the tutorial for this one...*cool guy pose*


I'm so f'in cool...lmao jk