Friday, November 14, 2008

We Are Who We Attract

Say what you will. Agree. Disagree. I know there are ALWAYS going to be lil "special cases", exceptions. It doesn't matter. This is me generalizing, based on what I've seen in my life and those around me...But, truthfully, we ARE what we attract. Lets face it, people are instinctively drawn towards others that, on some level, they feel are "like" them...or who they think will "match" or "go well" with them. So, if all you seem to attract are losers...well...sorry but...that must make you a loser in some must mean that you have loser tendencies...If all you attract are crazies, its because you must be crazy yourself. See, its all about finding that "common ground" with someone. Its the only way they can "connect" with you, I guess, because you are in fact the same in some way...even if that way isnt clear to you at that particular moment. But that similarity is there. I guess, on a superficial level, this is why "pretty" people get mad when all these "ugly" people are always trying to go after them. They get offended as if to say, "Do you REALLY think we would look good together!? Do you REALLY think that I would be happy (or rather, proud) to say that you're mine? Or have you say that I'm yours?" and so on...

Even I'm guilty of thinking that way....when some of these females tell me that they find me attractive...or that they like me...blah blah blah (which is strange, because how can you TRULY like someone you barely even know...but w/e)...I think to myself, " must REALLY think I'm as damaged as you are..." But I guess, when i stop and REALLY analyze our personalities...I see some of my own traits in them....but often, those traits arent really the ones I like about that just makes me dislike them more than I already do.

It's a crazy thing. And I find it interesting how so many people try to go against this, for the saaame reason I have for disliking a lot of these females...This is why you constantly see people struggling to find someone who is, in fact, better than them. (Not REALLY better, but just someone who they feel is better in some way. That way they avoid seeing their own flaws reflected in the person they're with.)

That's just what I think...


***10:53...I guess my mind's still racing because now I have to pose this question....By that logic, if you're the type of person who goes after (if not falls for) people who all are drastically different from eachother...would that, now, imply that you don't really know who you are, since it seems that you don't really know who you truly "match" with?

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Kait said...

i MUST have loser tendencies. lol