Friday, October 29, 2010

November APOSTADAY Challenge

Well, I tried it before. I failed. This time, I'll make sure I get it done! Next month (November), I will, once again, challenge myself to write at least one prose every day. TUM TUM TUM!!!!

Disclaimer: I may or may not include weekends in this challenge. lol



I was tossing and turning and, without realizing it, I started narrating a lil story in my head seemed so good to me I just had to get up and post it, before I forgot the details. so, here goes...

Jenny half-stumbled into her apartment, clothes stained, her hair a mess. She locked her door and turned around with her hand on her stomach. She let her hand slowly run down to her thigh, knowing she'd find a bruise there. My God, they sure were rough with me tonight, she thought to herself. But, deep down, she knew she enjoyed it. That's why she kept going back. If mom and dad could see me now. The thought brought up an old feeling of shame. A feeling instilled by her parents and their views of how a lady should conduct herself. The feeling quickly faded, though, as she quickly reminded herself that she's her own woman now. She chooses the way she wants to live her life. She sighed and walked towards the kitchen, wondering if there was anything there to eat. Just then, her roommate walked out of the bathroom and looked at her. Eyes widened, she said, "Wow, Jenny. You look a total mess."


"You must really enjoy playing football with those guys."

Jenny smiled happily, "Yep."

Hope you enjoyed that!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The King

Prompt from Daily Writing Practice.

The King

He stared at his adversary with a slight trace of malice, which he tried very hard to conceal. "I must not let him know what I'm thinking", he reminded himself. To hide ones emotions. To become unpredictable. These were but a few keys to victory. They had been locked in combat for hours, though it felt like days. Even he, with all his concentration, was unable to hide the weariness in his eyes. For a brief moment, they wandered and he glanced at his king. Instantly, he was reminded of what he had sworn to protect. "You will not take my king", he yell internally. His eyes met the eyes of his adversary. Both had begun to sweat profusely, as the tension between them continued to build. Each, as determined as the other, remained unwavering. But, only one could succeed. One man's King would fall today. He took a deep breath to settle his nerves. Suddenly, everything became clear to him. It was as if with an exhale, the obstacles in his mind were cleared and he could now see a path to victory. He made his move. It was, indeed, daring. He grinned at his adversary, who never saw it coming, and said, "Checkmate."

Lol When I saw the prompt, I didn't really want to write about a literal King. sooo I embraced my inner geek and wrote about Chess. :-] Hope yall liked it.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


From One Word.

It bathed him. He brought his hands to his face and pretended to rub some of it on himself as if it were water, or perhaps lotions. It was almost unnerving. So long, it felt, since he shut himself away from the world. And now, he was outside. The sky was a bright and clear blue. It was almost as if the earth wanted to mark this rare occasion, his emerging from his dwelling, with near perfect weather. So appreciative was he, that he allowed himself to be encompassed wholly in the moment. He just stood there, on his stoop; eyes closed, chin tilted upwards, palms facing forward. One would think he was "receiving" something, a message, a gift perhaps, through the sunlight. Nothing else near him mattered. Not the junkie stumbling by who stopped for a brief moment to ask him for change, but realized the man on the stoop was in his pajamas and slippers, and continued shuffling on. Nor the young teen speeding down the street, his Yankees cap flying off of his head, yet, he did not slow down because a lady was chasing him, screaming for him to give her back the purse he was clutching to. Nor the sounds of yelling coming from the neighboring building. Nor the police sirens that seemed to be getting closer and closer; possibly to answer the call another neighbor made, complaining about the yelling. No. He noticed nothing. In fact, to him, he wasn't even in the city, or even in New York. At this very moment, he was in the country; a field perhaps. He was surrounded by hundreds of Sunflowers, all leaning towards the source of this wonderful light that bathe him. Was he still a human being? No, for now, I suppose he was a sunflower too.

So i'm


Friday, October 8, 2010

Dedicated To Twitter Users

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