Friday, October 29, 2010


I was tossing and turning and, without realizing it, I started narrating a lil story in my head seemed so good to me I just had to get up and post it, before I forgot the details. so, here goes...

Jenny half-stumbled into her apartment, clothes stained, her hair a mess. She locked her door and turned around with her hand on her stomach. She let her hand slowly run down to her thigh, knowing she'd find a bruise there. My God, they sure were rough with me tonight, she thought to herself. But, deep down, she knew she enjoyed it. That's why she kept going back. If mom and dad could see me now. The thought brought up an old feeling of shame. A feeling instilled by her parents and their views of how a lady should conduct herself. The feeling quickly faded, though, as she quickly reminded herself that she's her own woman now. She chooses the way she wants to live her life. She sighed and walked towards the kitchen, wondering if there was anything there to eat. Just then, her roommate walked out of the bathroom and looked at her. Eyes widened, she said, "Wow, Jenny. You look a total mess."


"You must really enjoy playing football with those guys."

Jenny smiled happily, "Yep."

Hope you enjoyed that!


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Naty said...

Wow you got me good here. I was like oh no! in the beginning, thinking the worst lol. Thumbs up my man!