Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The King

Prompt from Daily Writing Practice.

The King

He stared at his adversary with a slight trace of malice, which he tried very hard to conceal. "I must not let him know what I'm thinking", he reminded himself. To hide ones emotions. To become unpredictable. These were but a few keys to victory. They had been locked in combat for hours, though it felt like days. Even he, with all his concentration, was unable to hide the weariness in his eyes. For a brief moment, they wandered and he glanced at his king. Instantly, he was reminded of what he had sworn to protect. "You will not take my king", he yell internally. His eyes met the eyes of his adversary. Both had begun to sweat profusely, as the tension between them continued to build. Each, as determined as the other, remained unwavering. But, only one could succeed. One man's King would fall today. He took a deep breath to settle his nerves. Suddenly, everything became clear to him. It was as if with an exhale, the obstacles in his mind were cleared and he could now see a path to victory. He made his move. It was, indeed, daring. He grinned at his adversary, who never saw it coming, and said, "Checkmate."

Lol When I saw the prompt, I didn't really want to write about a literal King. sooo I embraced my inner geek and wrote about Chess. :-] Hope yall liked it.



Naty :) said...

I loved it!!!!! You always manage to make the simplest things seem so....I can't find the word....deep? You're a good writer :)

Heather said...

I was wondering when you were going to get around to cross-posting here. Good to see you back on Daily Writing Practice. And I liked the interpretation of the prompt. I didn't pick up on the twist until you talked about one king laying down or falling down.