Monday, August 31, 2009

Month of Bad Books/Movies???

Its insane...I finished reading Dante's Inferno(A REALLY GOOD FRIGGIN BOOK!) and, since then, it seems like it's just downhill!

I had seen the movie Brom Stoker's Dracula. It was a great movie! I guess I assumed that, it being based on the book, the book would be either as good or better...WRONG! lol

I'm kinda mad at myself for having such high expectations for this book. I guess I was too into the movie and I expected to see similar stuff happen...but truthfully, the book is draaastically different. There isnt as much interaction with Dracula, in the book, as there was with the movie, which sucks...because the whole seduction of the character Mina was reeeeally cool....In the book, you only really see him interacting, about two times....once, when he firsts meets the character Johnathan....and then again when they walk in on him trying to change Mina into a vamp...O_O But other than that the story is centered around the characters following "leads" and "trails" left by him...which was really cheesy to me....the beginning was hot cause they had him being all mysterious and whatnot...but damn...Then they killed him waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easily....So ultimately, it was just a really long winded, overly descriptive, crap...s.m.h

I guess to keep up with the theme of bad works of art....I let my curiosity get the better of me, and I actually watched Twilight....(I was sue me! Plus, I wanted to confirm why I kept saying it was garbage lol) This, too, was gaaaarbage...Now, I havent read the book (and I dont intend to) but Im sure that they rushed this movie a lot because there was very little character development and left out TONS of details...Everything just seemed super cheesy....I think that they wanted to depend on the couple of "tender moments" and "sweet lines" that were sprinkled throughout the movie to win-over the girls that would be drooling over this movie....How this movie won any awards, though? I have noooooo clue...

And now I bought this book....

Only regret that I have about this is that I feel as if I'm reading a textbook on Mythology, rather than actual stories...which sucks...hahaha maybe I should've skimmed through it better before actually buying it...ah well!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just A Really Good Song

I think, lyrically, this is one of the best songs I've heard in a long while...

Lupe Fiasco - Coulda Been


Monday, August 24, 2009

The Curse Continues...

So first it was my pc....then it was my laptop....and now, my work pc. O_o Last friday, while I was trying anxiously to finish my work, so i could go home before it started pc freezes on me. I tried to restart it, and it ended up no longer being able to read the harddrive...O_o soooo now its either that the motherboard is fried...OR...that the harddrive is totally FUCKED. lol Now, im using my coworker's pc since she doesnt come in on mondays....Im wondering if my boss is coming in...and how dude will react to the news O_o

tum tum tum!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Everybody's Nobody

Just thought this was an interesting track.


Tribute To MJ!?

Oh man....Apparently 2 days after MJ passed away,these inmates in the phillapines got together and did this....yall gotta see...


Moment of Obscurity

Life goes in circles, not a straight line. If it were a line, then some lucky bastards would be eternally happy, while others would be in perpetual misery. And so, because one inevitably follows the other, I've come down from that "high" I've had for the last two or three days and am back in the murky waters of my cynicism. Funny how deep I seem to have descended this time. It seems like nothing is clear to me now. I can't even focus...O_o Im currently blasting music in my ears in a vain attempt to block out the world, yet even that can't silence my thoughts. Pray that I dont accidentally hurt anyone's feelings during these "dark times".


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Know Yall Remember This!

They'd go CRAZY in a club or party to this track!

Im vibing right now! >:-]


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love Doesnt Live Here

Love doesn't live here
It never did
It comes and goes, as it pleases
and sees fit only to stay about as long
as it takes for the euphoria of a climax
to subside
And to fill the void?
And idle semi-scintillating conversation
Who can place their faith in such
Such a fickle, untrustworhy "friend"
who might as well be a foe
leaving wreckage upon wreckage
of hearts in its wake
yet creeps back offering new promises
and old disappoints?
No, love does not live here
as well it shouldnt...


bare with me...havent written in a while...and this was sort of a brainfart lol


Random Randoms O_o

This is how you know Im bored out of my mind....O_O I'll just be in the office, either staring out into space...or I'll probably start taking random pictures of stuff...haha

GREETINGS random, useless objects placed on my desk for "decoration"! lol Here we have something that im sure a pot-head would probably find some use for....and...a pot that i'll never plant anything in O_o good times!

I bought this yesterday and it struck me as funny how this they advertised this...cause the way it sounds..."Win free gas" had me thinking, "um...dont people buy ginger ale BECAUSE they have gas already?" O_o hahaha

This is from a tutorial I was came out pretty decent.

I was trying to use something I learned from that tutorial, to do my own thing...but...I feel like I goofed up on this O_o

My coworker was surfing through some blogs and sent me a few pics that we thought were funny as hell...>:-]

Oh...and speaking of which....when my coworker's bored...

....he gets on "facebook"....hahah GET IT!? GET IT!?

Welp, there you have it. Now you know just a lil bit of how my mind gets when I'm bored....You'd think that after doing this post, I'd feel a lil more entertained...

But alas...still the same. :-P


Monday, August 17, 2009

I Cant Believe I Found This

I just stumbled across this video....Apparently they were all just talking and whatnot..and it turned into a freestyle session O_O


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Technologically Cursed

Just my luck! I've been all happy happy, joy joy that I FINALLY got my laptop "fixed" and that it was FINALLY working properly...And what happens last night? I plug in the wireless mouse, and it installed the new hardware..and some 10minutes afterward, it friggin crashes on me AGAIN! It friggin displayed the same exact error messages that first sent me on this sort of "crusade" to get it fixed in the first place! Its so insane how I've been having such bad luck with technology lately...Its as if my friend's curse (She has the worst luck with doesnt matter what it is, it just seems to NOT work for her lol) has somehow passed on to me...O_O And I used to have such good luck too. It's insane!

Its funny though. It seems like my bad luck has spread a little because this morning I came to the office and our internet was working juuuust fine, up until a certain point when both the internet and our phones just stopped working. lol...hell, even the boss' pc was frozen when he came in and he couldn't figure how to make it work. Its only, just now, that our internet seems to be back...all except for one of my coworkers, who has now inherited a piece of my bad luck. lol Her internet/phone seems to still be down...OOPS!

On a happier note, I was checking out one of my friend's blogs. She likes to post daily pics of just about anything. lol (Check it out here if you want) and being a curious soul, I randomly clicked on the page of one of her friends and I stumbled across this really cool looking picture.

Nice eh!?


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Photoshop Stuff

I finished my work early. Sooo I decided to entertain myself with some photoshop tutorials...these are some pretty simple stuff though.

In the tutorial, they used a car parked in an alley as the example...I guess that would've been better than this...O_o lol

This was pretty nice n simple...The idea is to make it seem like the image was painted on some kind of a canvas...

After that, I found another tutorial that showed how to create a sort of "day dream" effect. So, I took a picture of the office...



Nice eh? Click on them if you want to see em larger. :-P


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If You're Broke, You're STAYING Broke...O_o

These guys can't be serious. I stumbled across an article on saying that companies, in an effort to "narrow the competition" for jobs who have many people that qualify for it, are going to start doing credit checks before hiring. The whole idea of this is idiotic to me because, think about it; If you're in debt, you NEED a job in order to make the money to pay off those debts and whatnot....So....if the fact that you're in debt, shows up on your credit check, you WON'T get the job and will end up being stuck in debt...O_o What kind of shit is that? Things are suppose to be getting better, and these fools are just making it worse and worse with this asinine ideas...Just continuing this endless cycle of being broke....

Dont complain when many people can't get jobs, become desperate, and start robbing yall asses!

If you're interested in the article, check it out here.


Monday, August 10, 2009

4 Gay Men & a Tranny! lol

Welp! It was bound to happen! They were bound to have a crew like them dance well enough to impress the judges at America's Best Dance Crew...Season 4 started on Sunday and they really shocked me with how incredibly diverse the crews were...I'm talking CRAZIER than they were in these past few seasons. And this crew, Vogue Evolution, seemed like one of the crazier ones that caught my eye. lol I remember a similar crew trying out (i cant remember if it was last season or the one before) and it was just baaaaaaaaaaaaaad! So when I saw these fuckers, in my mind, I was going, "Heeere we go...."...BUT, oddly enough, they really really impressed the judges....I dont know whether it was the energy they had...or just the fact that this season, they were really trying to focus on introducing as many "underground" and virtually unknown styles..but they managed to pull it off and not get eliminated in the first round lol I think this season will say the least...interesting O_O



After a LONG while...and lots n lots of searching, and questions, and trips to my mom's friend...I FINALLY fixed my friggin laptop! Now I no longer have to depend on my crappy ass pc at work for whatever personal shit I wanna do...whoooo! This should definitely make my "blogging life" easier...Even though, truthfully, most of my "ideas" and topics come to me while I'm at work...go figure :-P


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who SKINS A Butterfinger???

This is funny. Last week was the bday of my boss' wife. So, they decided to surprise her with a candy tree, which they left in the office for us devour. Its pretty nice! It has all kinds of chocolate (which yall know put a HUGE smile on my face)...Friggin' kit-kats....crunch.....twix.....snickers...milky way...etc.

Here's the wild thing though....SOMEONE (I have no idea who...) took it upon him/herself to open up one of the butterfingers (mind you, it was still attached to the tree...), and actually sucked off the guessing just the top half of it..n left it just like

Then, the fucker, conveniently, turned the tree around in an effort to hide it from view...lmao!

I dont get how someone can do that....meaning, how they can get away with it...cause could someone NOT notice a thing like that? sheesh hahah

Good times. Good times.


"Can You Be My Daddy?" <--- WTF?! O_o

Ok...I've been patient enough...but I've GOT to say this...WTF IS UP WITH YOU FEMALES?! I'm sure that by now you've already heard that song "Wetter" by Twista....And like most popular songs with a "catchy" line, females immediately start quoting it as their display names on myspace...or put that as their caption under some half naked photo....this time, its "Can you be my daddy?" OR "I need a daddy"....Seriously, wtf? Do you not realize how incredibly stupid that makes you sound? Its becoming increasingly difficult to have even the littlest respect for many females because of shit like that...Everytime I see some half naked chick on myspace (or elsewhere) saying, "I need a daddy", the first thought that goes through my mind is, "Yes! CLEARLY, you need a daddy...because your mom isnt raising you right!"

Come on ladies...Come on now...

Don't get me wrong...I'm not hating on the song at sounds ok. I just cant stand how so many of these chicks just mindlessly repeat these lil catchy phrases without thinking twice about how idiotic it makes 'em look....What's sadder is that dude's love that shit...which just makes these girls do it more, figuring its the only way to "bag" a man...O_o

As my brother would say: "Dummy...Big ass dummy."


Taking A Nap!?

Sooo funny this morning...I ran to the train station, on my way to the gym, at around 5:30 this morning....And when i turned the corner by this supermarket outside the station...I saw a dude laid out on the floor...his arms n legs just spread out just like the corpses you see in movies when someone's been shot or something...n ppl were walking by and glancing at him n kept I didnt even slow down...but as I got closer to 'em, all I heard was a ridiculously loud snoring...It was just a homeless guy "taking a nap" . Incredible...I really wish I could've taken a picture, but if I had stopped, I would've missed my train...So I just kept running...I hope I get the chance to see something like that again...


Monday, August 3, 2009

First Great Summer Day!

Welp, it was bound to happen. The law of averages say I had to have AT LEAST one really great day this summer; and friday was definitely one of them! Earlier in the week, my coworker, H emailed us about heading out to the Acquarium after work. I hadnt been there in yeeears, so this sparked my curiosity. We left around 2pm (Summer hours, ya know...) and headed out towards Coney Island. I think we got there a little bit after 3, which was perfect, since after 3pm you can pretty much pay whatever you want for a ticket...It was funny, because the minute we got there, my coworker, J, n I starting peeping a bunch of females...I took it a step further and started taking a few pics of people who were PERFECT candidates for my "Damn That's Nasty" collection (part2 coming soon..just thought Id let you In any case, it was a fun trip. I took a lot of great shots of what we saw....Check out a few!

Me, H, and J

lol Im a geek.........sometimes...*cool guy pose* Doesnt it look like the shark's trying to sniff me?

Those last 3 were my absolute fav...

At this point, we started heading out...we also noticed it started getting really cloudy and it started to drizzle some...Buuut we were also hungry. So, thats when my coworker, J, suggested we check out one of the best pizza places in NY, called Grimaldi's Pizza. On our way out, I couldnt help but take more shots of random, interesting

If it hadnt started to rain, we probably would've gotten on this....ah well...maybe next time!

This was soo coworker was teeeeeeeeerrified!

Sooooo, while we were on our way to Grimaldi's, it started POURING...It was insane...I was glad that I had taken my umbrella in my bookbag, cause DAMN...the wind was blowing the water right into our faces...but we considered this a lil bit of lucky, since that woud mean that there wouldnt be that many people waiting on line to get into the pizza place....(I say this, because this place is REALLY f'in popular...there was some lady who visits different restaurants and critiques them. She gave them a great revue, and there are people who visit from all over the country just to go to this friggin place...just 2minutes after getting there, I already knew some people who were standing there, werent from NY..) But, we were wrong! lol, there were already a few people standing outside the door waiting, in this POURING RAIN! Fortunately for us, they let us go ahead of them since they were waiting for someone....They took our order and we just sat there relaxing (even though there was some super gay ass music playing lol) and waiting for our pizza to arrive...which seemed like an eternity, since we were so hungry. It did come faster than I expected, though. And it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

There's really nothing bad I can say about the food. It was just friggin great....even this thing called "Antipasto"...some toasted bread, with salami, and mozzarella and roasted peppers, i think it was. Friggin GREAT! It was funny how at the end of it, H immediatedly snatched up the check and started "calculating" what everyone had to pay on her phone. J and I have this "theory" that maybe...juuust maybe...she wanted to make us pay more than her. But I have yet to prove it! (i kid i kid...) The one thing, that irked us all, was when it came time to pay for the food and leave, this grumpy old guy came up to our table and was really hovering over us, trying to rush out of there. I understand that there were a lot of people waiting, and they needed to free up the tables, but there's no reason for dude to be THAT pushy, and that rude with us. O_o When we stepped outside, it was STILL friggin pouring...and there was a HUGE line going back, up until the corner....Talk about

I thought that we'd be calling it a day at this point...buuuUUuut H started talking about watching a movie or thats when our other coworker E (just so yall know, there were 4 of us total lol), decided to invite us to her crib. First, we made a stop at Whole Foods, where they stocked up on strawberries...cherries....chocolate brownies...and wine (ooh-la-la, right?). We all got ourselve's pretty comfortable and started watching this french film called "Amelie". I think it came out in 2001. At first, I kind of looked at it like O_o....but after a few minutes, I really got into it..and it turned out to be a pretty good movie.

When the movie ended and we were all getting ready to leave, J and I noticed that our coworker's neighbor (some blankita) was standing by her window in her much to the dislike of our dear coworker, who so graciously invited her to her home (something i dont think she's eeEeEever done with anyone in this place)...I couldnt help, but take a picture of that chick's Sorry.

I must say though....that seemed like the "perfect end to a perfect day". lol