Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taking A Nap!?

Sooo funny this morning...I ran to the train station, on my way to the gym, at around 5:30 this morning....And when i turned the corner by this supermarket outside the station...I saw a dude laid out on the floor...his arms n legs just spread out just like the corpses you see in movies when someone's been shot or something...n ppl were walking by and glancing at him n kept I didnt even slow down...but as I got closer to 'em, all I heard was a ridiculously loud snoring...It was just a homeless guy "taking a nap" . Incredible...I really wish I could've taken a picture, but if I had stopped, I would've missed my train...So I just kept running...I hope I get the chance to see something like that again...


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