Monday, August 31, 2009

Month of Bad Books/Movies???

Its insane...I finished reading Dante's Inferno(A REALLY GOOD FRIGGIN BOOK!) and, since then, it seems like it's just downhill!

I had seen the movie Brom Stoker's Dracula. It was a great movie! I guess I assumed that, it being based on the book, the book would be either as good or better...WRONG! lol

I'm kinda mad at myself for having such high expectations for this book. I guess I was too into the movie and I expected to see similar stuff happen...but truthfully, the book is draaastically different. There isnt as much interaction with Dracula, in the book, as there was with the movie, which sucks...because the whole seduction of the character Mina was reeeeally cool....In the book, you only really see him interacting, about two times....once, when he firsts meets the character Johnathan....and then again when they walk in on him trying to change Mina into a vamp...O_O But other than that the story is centered around the characters following "leads" and "trails" left by him...which was really cheesy to me....the beginning was hot cause they had him being all mysterious and whatnot...but damn...Then they killed him waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easily....So ultimately, it was just a really long winded, overly descriptive, crap...s.m.h

I guess to keep up with the theme of bad works of art....I let my curiosity get the better of me, and I actually watched Twilight....(I was sue me! Plus, I wanted to confirm why I kept saying it was garbage lol) This, too, was gaaaarbage...Now, I havent read the book (and I dont intend to) but Im sure that they rushed this movie a lot because there was very little character development and left out TONS of details...Everything just seemed super cheesy....I think that they wanted to depend on the couple of "tender moments" and "sweet lines" that were sprinkled throughout the movie to win-over the girls that would be drooling over this movie....How this movie won any awards, though? I have noooooo clue...

And now I bought this book....

Only regret that I have about this is that I feel as if I'm reading a textbook on Mythology, rather than actual stories...which sucks...hahaha maybe I should've skimmed through it better before actually buying it...ah well!


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