Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If You're Broke, You're STAYING Broke...O_o

These guys can't be serious. I stumbled across an article on yahoo.com saying that companies, in an effort to "narrow the competition" for jobs who have many people that qualify for it, are going to start doing credit checks before hiring. The whole idea of this is idiotic to me because, think about it; If you're in debt, you NEED a job in order to make the money to pay off those debts and whatnot....So....if the fact that you're in debt, shows up on your credit check, you WON'T get the job and will end up being stuck in debt...O_o What kind of shit is that? Things are suppose to be getting better, and these fools are just making it worse and worse with this asinine ideas...Just continuing this endless cycle of being broke....

Dont complain when many people can't get jobs, become desperate, and start robbing yall asses!

If you're interested in the article, check it out here.


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