Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Randoms O_o

This is how you know Im bored out of my mind....O_O I'll just be in the office, either staring out into space...or I'll probably start taking random pictures of stuff...haha

GREETINGS random, useless objects placed on my desk for "decoration"! lol Here we have something that im sure a pot-head would probably find some use for....and...a pot that i'll never plant anything in O_o good times!

I bought this yesterday and it struck me as funny how this they advertised this...cause the way it sounds..."Win free gas"...it had me thinking, "um...dont people buy ginger ale BECAUSE they have gas already?" O_o hahaha

This is from a tutorial I was doing...it came out pretty decent.

I was trying to use something I learned from that tutorial, to do my own thing...but...I feel like I goofed up on this O_o

My coworker was surfing through some blogs and sent me a few pics that we thought were funny as hell...>:-]

Oh...and speaking of which....when my coworker's bored...

....he gets on "facebook"....hahah GET IT!? GET IT!?

Welp, there you have it. Now you know just a lil bit of how my mind gets when I'm bored....You'd think that after doing this post, I'd feel a lil more entertained...

But alas...still the same. :-P


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