Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who SKINS A Butterfinger???

This is funny. Last week was the bday of my boss' wife. So, they decided to surprise her with a candy tree, which they left in the office for us devour. Its pretty nice! It has all kinds of chocolate (which yall know put a HUGE smile on my face)...Friggin' kit-kats....crunch.....twix.....snickers...milky way...etc.

Here's the wild thing though....SOMEONE (I have no idea who...) took it upon him/herself to open up one of the butterfingers (mind you, it was still attached to the tree...), and actually sucked off the guessing just the top half of it..n left it just like

Then, the fucker, conveniently, turned the tree around in an effort to hide it from view...lmao!

I dont get how someone can do that....meaning, how they can get away with it...cause could someone NOT notice a thing like that? sheesh hahah

Good times. Good times.



Anonymous said...

maybe it was that crazy dog tryibg to get to it.

Anonymous said...

lmao wow


cocorosa said...

damn you! I know it was you taking all the snickers and twix!!!