Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Can You Be My Daddy?" <--- WTF?! O_o

Ok...I've been patient enough...but I've GOT to say this...WTF IS UP WITH YOU FEMALES?! I'm sure that by now you've already heard that song "Wetter" by Twista....And like most popular songs with a "catchy" line, females immediately start quoting it as their display names on myspace...or put that as their caption under some half naked photo....this time, its "Can you be my daddy?" OR "I need a daddy"....Seriously, wtf? Do you not realize how incredibly stupid that makes you sound? Its becoming increasingly difficult to have even the littlest respect for many females because of shit like that...Everytime I see some half naked chick on myspace (or elsewhere) saying, "I need a daddy", the first thought that goes through my mind is, "Yes! CLEARLY, you need a daddy...because your mom isnt raising you right!"

Come on ladies...Come on now...

Don't get me wrong...I'm not hating on the song at sounds ok. I just cant stand how so many of these chicks just mindlessly repeat these lil catchy phrases without thinking twice about how idiotic it makes 'em look....What's sadder is that dude's love that shit...which just makes these girls do it more, figuring its the only way to "bag" a man...O_o

As my brother would say: "Dummy...Big ass dummy."



Ladi C. said...

You're not the only one who notices that...It's funny bc those same chics are the one's who claim to not be "birds" and such. So what are you trying to be? And as for the men who like that stuff, they would make a perfect couple bc any self respecting man would want a self respecting woman, and neither one is. :0)

Jana said...

I promise there are plenty of us females who know how to act, it's probably why you don't see us as often =D chin up doll for every terrible thing in the world there is an equal opposite.