Thursday, August 13, 2009

Technologically Cursed

Just my luck! I've been all happy happy, joy joy that I FINALLY got my laptop "fixed" and that it was FINALLY working properly...And what happens last night? I plug in the wireless mouse, and it installed the new hardware..and some 10minutes afterward, it friggin crashes on me AGAIN! It friggin displayed the same exact error messages that first sent me on this sort of "crusade" to get it fixed in the first place! Its so insane how I've been having such bad luck with technology lately...Its as if my friend's curse (She has the worst luck with doesnt matter what it is, it just seems to NOT work for her lol) has somehow passed on to me...O_O And I used to have such good luck too. It's insane!

Its funny though. It seems like my bad luck has spread a little because this morning I came to the office and our internet was working juuuust fine, up until a certain point when both the internet and our phones just stopped working. lol...hell, even the boss' pc was frozen when he came in and he couldn't figure how to make it work. Its only, just now, that our internet seems to be back...all except for one of my coworkers, who has now inherited a piece of my bad luck. lol Her internet/phone seems to still be down...OOPS!

On a happier note, I was checking out one of my friend's blogs. She likes to post daily pics of just about anything. lol (Check it out here if you want) and being a curious soul, I randomly clicked on the page of one of her friends and I stumbled across this really cool looking picture.

Nice eh!?



Jana said...

Eddie, what is wrong with me? I thought I was following your blog sheesh! I am now=D I have THE SAME luck with electronics...I had to rewire some cords and buy a new camera just last week! Im starting to think its a conspiracy that has nothing to do with us.

Eddie said...

Yeah! I wouldnt be surprised! I bet they just want us to buy something, then spend tons of money trying to repair it :-P