Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Return To Shake Shack!!!!

We were talking about this for a while! Since last summer, we kept mentioning taking another trip to Shake Shack in Madison Park but things kept coming up and we never did. Today, on some truly random shit, we finally went. We kinda took advantage of the fact that practically everyone else in the office had gone off to Las Vegas for a tradeshow and just went on a lil "field trip" :-P

I had two friggin double burgers and fries!!!! I had already eaten one at this point..insane...I never thought that I would actually struggle eating the second one O_o I'm feeling the after effects even now as I'm writing this...haha

I wonder if I growled at one point while eating this...hahaha

My coworker was so friggin hyped to go. If only I would've taken a pic of her all giddy on the way over lmao classic

Just a random pic of a terrorist getting lunch before going on his mission...LMAO jk jk Nah my other coworker being funky hahah

Overall....GOOD TIMES! Cant wait til this summer...there are plenty other spots we've gotta eat at...


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