Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Out With Old, In With New...

Much to my disappointment and heart ache, my phone finally broke...Don't get me wrong...I already knew it was going to happen..but i had planned on it lasting a couple of weeks at least so that I could fulfill my plan on saving some money on the side to get a new one for when it would finally give up on

I guess my phone had other plans...


Its not too clear i guess...but if u see on the left side (that lil red...or orange thing) its broken there and was getting ready to snap off completely on me..hahah..fortunately, i was able to get out a text to everyone telling em not to call or text me....of course some didnt listen...but *shrug*

Anyway, this forced my hand and I, reluctantly, bought a new phone ahead of schedule...the LG Shine (black)....whee.


Just look at that bad bitch....OoOOw...:-P Let's see how long this one will last me...I've been having such bad luck with technology lately...o_O

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