Wednesday, September 17, 2008

People Watching On The Train...

So yesterday, I didnt have my book to read while on the train ride home so I had to resort to watching my fellow commuters as entertainment...You can always find SOMETHING to look at when you're on the train...a female and her mom walked into the train and idk why but they drew my attention so i just leaned back and kept looking at them...

this is what i wrote to myself on my phone (since i didnt have a pen n

"Some black lady (probably mid to late 20s) was here with her mom...Her mom sat down and after a few moments poked at the opening of her daughter's bag when her daughter goes, "It's closed" and proceeds to show her how everything in her bag is zipped up. The mom just smiles as if to say "you know me so well". Daughter jus closes her eyes and goes back into her own world. mother does the same. I could tell by how tight her eye lids were shut, she was probably mildly annoyed...I wonder if she has to deal with her mom's worrisome and controlling-ish attitude often. I kept wondering how she must've been when she was little. Mom was probably always on her case...over protective about the littlest details of her life. I'm sure this must've put a strain on her personal life... I bet she constantly reminded her to be "careful" seeing as "guys only have one thing in mind"...I doubt she'll ever marry...or maybe she would if only just to finally escape her mom o_O...Then strangely enough, I thought about my ex...I imagine her and her mom must've had and probably still do have moments just like this on occassion..."

See how my mind wanders?! lol


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