Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long Distance Relationships..

Check out a convo I just had with a friend of mine...should be self explanatory...

[15:10] HER!: yo wat do u think about long distance relationships
[15:10] ME!!!: a waste of time
[15:10] ME!!!: i would never suggest anyone gettin into it
[15:10] ME!!!: it just doesnt work
[15:10] ME!!!: n its really unfair to both sides
[15:11] HER!: now what if u were together for a while then one had to move away for various reasons and the other planned on joining them later
[15:11] ME!!!: well
[15:12] ME!!!: depends if the person is even serious about joining em later...which usually turns out to be bs...
[15:12] ME!!!: and 2...imma just say this for me personally...if im with someone...n they move not giving up the life i have here just to go with them
[15:12] ME!!!: it just doesnt work that way
[15:12] ME!!!: i can understand if we're already married and we "together" make the decision to pack up everything n move
[15:13] ME!!!: but i dont follow anyone
[15:13] ME!!!: id rather just end it...n keep living my life...n figure, if its meant to be (as some people say) we'll find our way back to eachother
[15:13] HER!: ok
[15:13] ME!!!: it doesn thave to end on bad terms or anything
[15:13] ME!!!: but it saves the trouble of silly ass arguements and whatnot
[15:13] HER!: but what if u plan on getting married and all that i mean u really love this person
[15:13] ME!!!: like i said
[15:14] ME!!!: it just doesnt work that way lol
[15:14] ME!!!: if i "love" someone
[15:14] ME!!!: and i know that their life is taking them elsewhere
[15:14] ME!!!: a place that i cant or simply wont chose to follow
[15:14] ME!!!: id let them go
[15:14] HER!: yeah but its not their choice to move its the only thing they can do
[15:14] ME!!!: i wouldnt follow them cause i cant just give up my life
[15:14] ME!!!: i didnt say it was their just saying
[15:15] ME!!!: that life sometimes leads you on a path away from the person u love
[15:15] ME!!!: and they cant always follow
[15:15] ME!!!: and it just causes too many needless issues to try to force it
[15:15] ME!!!: when you could just agree to live your lives then somehow find your way back
[15:15] HER!: ok...i was j/w
[15:15] ME!!!: i know
[15:15] ME!!!: its liek my homegirl....she's MADLY in love with this guy in AZ
[15:15] ME!!!: but he has his professional life there
[15:15] ME!!!: and she has hers here
[15:16] ME!!!: despite how much they love and care for eachother neither of em would just pack up and move just for the other one
[15:16] ME!!!: they're mature enough to understand that the other has their own life to live
[15:16] HER!: i guess ppl r diff
[15:16] ME!!!: yeah and smarter i guess hahah
[15:16] ME!!!: and they're patient enough to know that if it really is meant for them to be
[15:16] ME!!!: life will bring em together eventually
[15:17] ME!!!: most people are too stubborn to get this...but usually..when u try to force something it ends up blowing up in ya face
[15:17] ME!!!: *shrug* just how life is
[15:17] ME!!!: its unfair sometimes
[15:17] HER!: well i mean its not that its being forced i guess for some ppl its just sumthin that sum folk choose to do n sumtimes it does work
[15:18] ME!!!: lol
[15:18] ME!!!: hardly
[15:18] ME!!!: im a man of statistics
[15:18] HER!: yeah so am i but idk folk b surprisin me
[15:18] ME!!!: i suppose
[15:19] HER!: i say it b/c i used to say it never works out but ive met a few couples in which it has worked out
[15:20] ME!!!: welp
[15:20] ME!!!: i guess
[15:20] ME!!!: and it IS rare
[15:20] ME!!!: but like u said
[15:20] ME!!!: ppl are diff.
[15:20] ME!!!: so u cant really go by based on what worked for other people
[15:20] ME!!!: like i see motha fuckas dunking a basketball
[15:20] ME!!!: lol
[15:20] ME!!!: doesnt mean i'll do it if i jump the same way they do
[15:20] ME!!!: haha
[15:21] ME!!!: or or..." n so smoked a blunt and nothing happened to him." pfft lolol
[15:21] ME!!!: that theory is severely flawed
[15:21] ME!!!: "if they can do it, i can" pffft
[15:21] HER!: k
[15:21] ME!!!: thats overly optimistic delusion
[15:21] ME!!!: lmfao
[15:23] ME!!!: i love how i come up with these phrases..."overly optimistic delusion" lmfao
[15:23] HER!: yeah...cuz ive had a few ppl tell me so far that it doesnt work...n they say this based on their past experiences but they say it with such a convinction that its as if since it didnt work for me its not going to work for anyone
[15:24] ME!!!: well
[15:25] ME!!!: i simply say it because if u take a look at the situation from a logical point of view
[15:25] ME!!!: not to mention the amount of relationships that seemed "perfect" at first but ultimately failed BECAUSE they tried to stay together after someone moved away
[15:25] ME!!!: aaaand just the overall knowledge of typical human nature
[15:25] HER!: no of course but then again when has the emotion of "love" been considered logical
[15:25] ME!!!: long distance relationships werent meant to work out
[15:25] ME!!!: its not really a "relationship"
[15:25] ME!!!: its just the illusion of one
[15:26] ME!!!: n i think its unfair to the one who feels the most in the relationship typically the female
[15:26] ME!!!: cause liek damn...if im together with someone...and i move away i wouldnt want/expect them to still want to be with me
[15:26] ME!!!: "exclusively"
[15:26] HER!: idk the couples ive met were together for the longest then someone had to move they did the long distance thing the other eventually moved or both met at a point and there you go
[15:26] ME!!!: its unfair to her
[15:26] ME!!!: i know females have needs
[15:26] ME!!!: n its not on a sexual thing
[15:26] ME!!!: but u know
[15:26] HER!: yeah
[15:27] ME!!!: they need to feel that warmth
[15:27] ME!!!: of someone holding them
[15:27] ME!!!: n just physically being there for em
[15:27] ME!!!: on all levels
[15:27] ME!!!: n i wouldnt want to hold them back from potentially finding someone who might even be better for them than i am
[15:27] ME!!!: just because i selfishly want to hold on to her from god knows how many miles away
[15:27] ME!!!: its just ridiculous
[15:28] HER!: yeah but some ppl dont think like that
[15:28] ME!!!: well thats because some people are overly delusional, blinded by their own selfish nature to "not want to let go" lol
[15:29] ME!!!: i suppose i come off as heartless and im sure i talk like its easy to let go of someone you love
[15:29] ME!!!: believe me i get that
[15:29] ME!!!: n i hope to never have to go through that cause i know i'll be kicking myself in the ass
[15:29] ME!!!: and i know i wouldnt WANT to let her go
[15:29] ME!!!: but ultimately, i would
[15:29] ME!!!: cause its just not fair
[15:29] ME!!!: to either of us
[15:36] ME!!!: so yea. there u have it
[15:37] ME!!!: sorry if thats prolly not the answer u were looking for. but u can bet its the most honest one

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