Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jealous Girlfriend...

No lie...I kinda do want a jealous girlfriend lmfao I dont care..that'll be interesting (annoying as fuck after a while but interesting)...Check what I ranted to a friend of mine about...

(*She had an away message that said "TRUE LIFE: I AM JEALOUS :-[". SOOO I COULDNT RESIST SAYING THIS...)

[13:03] ME!!!!!: awwwwwww everyong gets like that though
[13:03] ME!!!!!: just stab the bitch
[13:03] ME!!!!!: i hope i marry a SUPER jealous female
[13:04] ME!!!!!: i want her to drop kick every female who she catches even glancing at me once
[13:04] ME!!!!!: if we go out to a restaurant and we have a waitress, i want her to fuckin grill her ass the whole night
[13:04] ME!!!!!: and then to jump up and punch her in the mouth for handing me the check directly, instead of placing it on the table for the both of us
[13:04] ME!!!!!: i fuckin love it
[13:04] ME!!!!!: lmfaoooooo
[13:05] ME!!!!!: :-D

im just sayin though....the way i see it is....if you overly just means one of two things....either you fuckin' out of your mind....or you must really like me. :-) either way, it makes for a great story. LMFAO


PORCHE ` said...

wow, i don't think you are the only male that thinks this way lol. i believe when a girl is jealous it gives yall some kind of confidence, but honestly it's the same way for females.

funny convo though :)

Ec said...

You're right. So many of my homegirls tell me how cute they find it when their man is all jealous haha

Anonymous said...

you're an ass lol. idc what yall say.

Ec said...

hater :-P lmao