Tuesday, October 28, 2008


There exists a beauty, I have yet to behold
A light
from which I have yet to feel warmth upon my face
A road yet taken
An adventure yet experienced
Like a question and its answer
a sickness and its cure
all together, cliche, yet completely original
To shed sanity's shackles
and dive deep into her complexities
unfazed by the danger of unperceived perils
such depth might contain
What a feeling this would be!
What a feeling this is!
To know there is a book, yet to be written
for the story of Us, has yet to be conceived.


*This kinda popped in my head while i was on the train


Ec said...

(yes imma comment my own shit..lol)

Idk...I dont really like the part "dangers of unperceived perils" but i cant quite think of something better...sooo imma just leave it like that..even though if feels like im just repeating myself

Anonymous said...

i really like it. and i don't think you're repeating yourself.