Thursday, October 30, 2008

R.I.P. to Love Songs

You know this is true dammit...With a few exceptions, there hardly are any TRUE love songs out there least not like it used to be...when they actually sang about LOVE. Now ya typical "love" song is all about hooking up at a club.....or...being "in lust" with someone else's girl (or guy, for yall female even how ya lost the person you "love". Hardly anyone ever sings about actually LOVING...or showing how they love..or nada...s.m.h

so Rest In Peace to all the TRUE Love songs we might never hear again...


***I'm i realize that TECHNICALLY, this song is a horrible example considering that its basically a fucking one-night stand...but at least its better than a lot of the shit ppl sing about now!!! SO ENJOY IT! hahaa

1 comment:

Kait said...

I AGREE ; now there either in love with a stripper , or the girl is bangin his window out...whats goin on with the world ? s.m.h x3 !

- && thanks for your response i loved it , its so true . cause us girls come with a lot of issues as well