Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just STFU And Enjoy It!

I was on my way to work this morning and I overheard some guy's conversation with some chick, I guess, he was trying to impress with his opinions. It was funny cause he was ranting about music and he brought up Eminem and his topics for songs. Oddly enough, he actually made a decent point about how Eminem basically became famous off of talking a lot insane shit about his mom and his baby mom. He said how now that Eminem ran out of shit to say about his mom, thats why he "retired". lol He would've been fine if he had left it at that. But no no no...dude just HAD to go and bring up race...saying how it was "acceptable" for Eminem to say that but if he had been black or hispanic, "we" would've never tolerated that sort of thing in "our" community...no matter how fucked up our mom is. lol He even went so far as to bring up Tupac, talking about how his mom was a crackhead and all that, yet he STILL came out with the song "Dear Momma". I kinda got a lil tight though. I mean suuure "we" don't make tracks about killing our moms, but what about all the other fucked up ignorant ass shit "we" come out with? For years, "we" have been coming out with a bunch of songs (in both R & B and Hip Hop) that perpetuate the ignorance of our time...ranging from pre-marital sex, affairs with married men/women, cheating, stealing, drug dealing, drug using, objectifying women (had to throw that in there for all you bra burners lol), and violence. Hell, in NY, one of "our" most glorified rappers got famous off of talking about shooting dudes in the head (execution style), robbing pregnant women, and fucking underaged virgins. lol sooooooooo....yeah....Don't go out of your way to criticize any one person for the shit they say....Eminem (along with all these other people) didnt get famous off of what they said..its HOW they said it...They made that shit sound hot. SO...just shut the fuck up and ENJOY IT!


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