Monday, December 8, 2008

My Beloved Train

I don't think people in NY fully appreciate how "interesting" it is to take the train on the way to work...If you're not deeply enthralled in a piece of literature, you should take the time to look around you...there's some good "people watching" that you can do...


This is actually one of my fav. spots...Essex/Delancy...I really am glad no one has fucked up the artwork...this is actually really nice when there arent too many homeless guys.....a big ass leak that takes weeks to fix apparently....oooor some weird lookin mexican playing music no one wants to fuckin hear...O_o

Of train ride is complete without the interesting people you see on the way to your destination...

I'm sure you've all seen, at least once, an asian male or female with all 4 of his/her siblings and each of them with all 5 of their kids, not to mention their ANCIENT grandma sitting there staring at everyone with a sort of knowing smile. I always wonder what lil secret she holds....


Ah the "business man"...if you dont spot dude staring holes into the financial section of the times, they're usually day dreaming of when they can sit in their bosses chair..."The Big Boy" chair is what they call it in their mind....So many repressed childhood memories in this one....I bet anything, if things start to get rough at work, he will instantly revert back to those childhood days, throw himself on the floor and start sucking on his thumb, staring out blankly, waiting for his momma to come get him....haha...yep


There's almost ALWAYS some "playboy" feeling all good about himself because he saw some random chick walk by and came out with some cheesy line..."Was gud mah...?" (is that even english? wtf?)..and she gave him a smirk and kept walking and now he thinks he has one foot in the flash: SHE WAS LAUGHING AT YOU!


"A jew and a terrorist are standing at a train station..." [enter punchline here]. hahaha

Now, you really can't say that the MTA doesn't accommodate your needs...when you don't have your ipod...or a book...or even anyone that you want to "watch"...they provide entertainment!


Michael Jackson impersonator...? Convicted stalker/rapist? Who knows!


Who needs an ipod when you have "Los Tres Amigos"?!

Yes my beloved J, M, Z, and F trains...they may not appreciate you...but I surely do...


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