Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Did That Become Sexy?!

Yo, I'd really like to know when it became "sexy" to take a picture of yourself peeing...O_o Seriously, who the hell started that trend?! It was funny and mildly cute, in a disturbing, half-repulsive kind of way...but now EVERYONE is friggin' doing it...When something like THAT, of all things, becomes a "trend", its time to stop. That shit is just tacky right now...I remember when everyone was doing the "kissy" face...And I dont mean one picture....I mean EVERY damn picture! Looking like this ---> O.O <--- in every friggin shot! Why, oh WHY, did you believe that making your mouth look like the ass of a chicken was sexy??? Who convinced you of that? And NOW you want everyone to assume you're peeing or pooping? And some niggas actually comment this pictures like "ooh baby..thats so fine...i wish i was there with you right now." to hear her pee splashing..? It gets you off to smell her poop? Is that what ya' saying???

I weep for society....

Haha I was going to put up examples of these sad people but I'd rather not pollute my own page like that...lmao


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