Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sickest Convo Ever!!!

This was TOO funny for me not to post...My friend hit me up and I just felt like being dick and started talking non-sense and she was suuuuuuch a good friggin sport about it! this turned out be a HILARIOUS conversation.....well...to us anyway. :-) Enjoy...if you dare...

me: there's nothing better... in my eyes... than a girl-gone-slut

HER!!!!!: o im sure

me: not because i want a piece of easy toto...no no no...i like it just so i can sit back n say "i knew u'd grow up to be one"

HER!!!!!: y must u call it that...ewwww

me: because it is toto...dont get so sensitive....vagina, pussy, coochie, chocha, toto, punana its all the same thing regardless of what u call it..its still lookin like a wrinkling depressed old man
so get over it hahaha

HER!!!!!: no im good i mean some words are w/e but toto is just...wrong

me: lol why is it wrong? explain
HER!!!!!: it just sounds so wrong lmao

me: ah ok thats better

HER!!!!!: makes me not want mine
me: lmfao oh god

HER!!!!!: like its evil or something lmao

me: well i appreciate your honesty cause some dont even have the guts to be honest n say "it just sounds wrong" lol

HER!!!!!: im bein fa real like vagina is w/e its all medical...pussy hell we've used the word plenty but toto...sounds disgusting not enjoyable lmao

me: lmfao that doesnt even sound sexy right??? like "ayyye ayyyye gimme that sweet toto" hahahah i can see how that'd be a turn off hahahah

HER!!!!!: exactly

me: its kind of the same with "pinga" that shit sounds too funny to me

HER!!!!!: its makes me not want to have sex cuz im scared it will scare him off lmao.... im sry my friend used to use pinga all the time n one day she said it just as my bf was coming to get me we had no sex that day cuz all i did was laugh

me: omfg hahahahahah yoooo...how about if i call a vagina...Roast Beef??? my friend said it kinda looks like Roast Beef

HER!!!!!: uhm my ex fiance and his sisters when they'd talk about sex in front of his nephew they would call it beaver

me: think that's sexy? "ooo mami gimme that sweet roast beef..."

HER!!!!!: lmao

me: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/172/462544115_8e679db197.jpg

HER!!!!!: plz hold the bar-b-q sauce ewww

me: you're officially COOL right now hahaha i was expecting u to get freaked out

HER!!!!!: lmao uhm no hello me n my sis r the only grls in our family wat haven't i heard?!

HER!!!!!: im not gon lie i kinda want roast beef now lmao im mad hungry

me: OH MAN LMFAO sicko

HER!!!!!: lmao im def not a carpet muncher tho

me: hahha im so glad u got why i reacted that way i wasnt gonna say naaada

HER!!!!!: lol

me: like damn considering what we're talkin about n NOW she wants roast beef? i was connecting the dots here hahahah

HER!!!!!: noooooooooooo def not trust me if u had the gf i used to have that turns any grl str8

me: ............it was that bad.......O_O

HER!!!!!: i mean i believe in the whole try it before u knock it...i was scared away

me: lol well imma definitely try it............again...and again....and again...:-P

HER!!!!!: lmao wow

me: im a pleaser. what can i say hahahah i just hope i dont get UN-lucky

HER!!!!!: watchu mean by that

me: meaning that i hope i dont have the misfortune of having a funky tasting girl scare my away from doing that like it did u... i wouldnt want that...cause i LIKE to please... that would fuck my whole game up

HER!!!!!: no i was like OMG WAT IS THAT

me: ohhh oh cause u looked at it? n it was ugly? like a monster? LMFAO

HER!!!!!: i thought it had teeth i was so scared....i saw it n smelled it n left the room

me: holy shit...omfg.......... omfg...OMFG!!! hahahahahahaha

HER!!!!!: scared me str8 literally


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