Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Morning At Le Pain Quotidien

This morning we had a sort of going away breakfast for my co-worker who is going back to paris. We decided to go to this old-fashioned style bakery/restaurant called Le Pain Quotidien. It's a pretty nice looking place...The only thing is that everything there is organic food..which is not something I'm very big on...also, they give you such small portions of food! No wonder there's hardly any obese people in france! Last time I went, I wanted to kill myself just to avoid having to drink their orange juice..."freshly made" i guess...This time, I ordered an Iced Tea...and it was like taking a sip of DEATH! haha....On the plus side though, I had one of their Belgiun Waffles...and it was SPECTACULAR...(i so rarely get to use that word. haha.)


You can see that its not much...it was great, but not very filling if you're a hungry ass person...I would've ordered another, but then I realized that our bosses weren't treating us to breakfast. HAHAHA whoops.


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