Monday, December 21, 2009


So...I finished it haha :-P Im not too sure if I ended it well enough..sorry if its no good.

I see cities of flashing lights
that create digital idols for our gods
who faithfully
we worshipped
15 minutes

populated by walking chimneys
slim & thick for bodies
clouds of smoke, their faces
words spewed, cancerous

I see the land
outside our protective bubble
of ignorance and apathy,
a wasteland,
littered with Fathers, Mothers
Sons, Daughters
Brothers, Sisters
Remembered only as characters
in tales of the "black sheep"
to instill the beliefs and fears
of the Norm
within the new bearers
of the Crest.

Martyrs, I see
born of criminals
Sinners turned to saints
baptized in lead and blood

Tall tales become historical fact
with false Teachers clinching to their manifesto
holding it close to their beating breast with one hand
pointing a finger to the world
with the other
all the while,
never taking note of the four pointing back at them

I see brittle hearts with cracked surfaces
falling in with fickle moons
convinced they would always see the same Face
another endless cycle

I see a mirror
within, a hypocrite stares out
longing to bask in the ignorant green
on the other side
envious of the blind
wishing he could not see the world
as I see it.

My observations are these...

Ec 12/21/09



the.kisser said...

*pumping fist in the air* that was great eddie! really, really great!
thanx for finishing it.


Eddie said...

niiiiiiiiice :-D im glad you liked it!!