Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Undercover Fat Face

Haha yeah. My friend calls me an "undercover fat face" whenever I tell her that I'm eating any kind of junk food. She says undercover cause I'm always publicly ranting about working out and trying to eat healthy...meanwhile, I might binge on chocolate for a weekend. hahah This weekend was no exception! I, on a whim, bought two bags of Reese Mini cups and proceeded to devour it...(Im waiting for the pimples...damn..) When I was eating em, I had the random idea of just taking wrappers and wrapping them around eachother to make a ball...every time I'd finish a cup, I'd just keep adding it to the ball. haha Last night I finished the last of the second bag and completed it.

So here ya go...Proof of my "fat-facedness" :-P


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