Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Being Mean to Angie

I'm always saying outrageous shit to her...and she seems to friggin LOVE it. :-P

ANGIE!!!: I macked a number

me: girls dont mack
im tired of girls acting like they're in control
fuck faces
did YOU walk up to HIM
and "kick game"
did YOU ask for the number?!
u did not
u just stood there
flicked ur hair
or at least u tried too
but it was so nappy ur fingers got stuck

ANGIE!!!: Lol

me: homeboy saw you struggling to get ur hands free
stopped to ask if u needed help
u cried n said yes
n yall stood there for 20mins trying
but couldnt
so then he was like "ok look...imma go get some tools to help free ya fingers
lemme get ur number so i kno where u at when i get the chainsaw"

ANGIE!!!: U an ass

haha yes. She's right. I AM an asshole. :-)


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