Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Insane Dream

I'm always having vivid dreams...some are actually reoccurring, throughout the years. haha It's insane...when I was younger I had multiple dreams about vampires and whatnot O_o (Most likely because I was soooo into them before!) Last night I had a pretty crazy one though...Here's what I told my friend when I was describing my dream to her:

"oh lmao well it was crazy...ive had that dream before just different details...basically what happened was that zombies or zombie-like people had taken over and i was really locked in my apartment with my mom n two other people n we had guns....n i saw that some kid was riding his bike outside (why, i ahve no clue) n some zombie was about to get him....i had to take a gun with a scope (not sure if it was a sniper rifle) and kill them both..but that gave away our they came charging at my apartment...they ended up breaking in and my mom n someone else was taken :-\ n the girl (the other person in our group) ended up escaping through the fire escape...and as the dream progressed, we ended up meeting other people...two people who i actually know in real life..haha and we were just hunting these creatures n trying to stay alive n watnot....towards the end of the dream, the military actually shows up..telling us that some kind of radiation (or heat, idk) that doesnt harm us...was killing the zombies we made it through alright. hahaha"

Crazy right!?

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