Monday, December 14, 2009

Silly Convo

I was having this convo with my coworker online...The backstory to this is: We were talking about how our job is apparently giving many of us the run around with giving health insurance...I know at least one person has it...but idk who else. Personally, I dont feel like dealing with the b.s excuses and whatnot...ESPECIALLY for something that probably wont even cover me that well anyway...So thats why I was telling her that id rather get it on my own...But, because I am how I am, I couldnt resist saying something silly to her! Enjoy!

HER: you should keep pushing them for it

me: nah imma get it on my own

HER: there's no excuse for them to keep giving you the run around

me: during winter vacation, since i'll have the time, i'll get some

HER: ugh but that is so expensive

me: yeeeah

HER: I think you should keep pressing them for it
it would be cheaper if you got it through them than on your own

me: hrm
but what kind of coverage can i really expect
my friend was tellin me that she goes to this place that hooks her up

HER: what place?

me: Church

HER: omg
that's hysterical

me: i wanna have some random white dude, in a shiny white tux..hit me on the forehead with his jeweled hand and scream "PRAISE JEEBUS!!!"

HER: and it's FREE

me: and i'll throw myself on the floor twitching
and BAM! healed

HER: JEEBUS!!!!!!!!!! LOL

me: hahahah


me: O:-)


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