Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday's Truths #1

Welp..Im going to try something "new". haha I put it in quotes cause I'm sure someone else has prolly done this...But anyway, Im going to try to add a lil "theme" to thursdays, where at the beginning of every Thursday, i'll share one "true" fact about me, my ideas, and/or beliefs. I'll try my best not to repeat myself...and I'll try my very best not to contradict what I say! (although, i think thats pretty tough to do..especially when ideas constantly change and "evolve" as one is exposed to new, mind boggling things..)

So here we go!

I sometimes like to let people assume things about me, because I feel like whatever it is they assume about me, my personality, or even the way I live is far more interesting than the truth. This sucks because sometimes they get attracted to that assumption, and thats when I have to back away from them. I dont want to deal with them realizing I'm not as "cool" as I allow them to think I am. haha...


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Anonymous said...

haha...I used to do that a lot in college. What I lacked in imagination, they sure made up for. And most times its too tiring to correct them.