Friday, November 6, 2009

Legs. I Can't Help It.

A nice revelation this morning...Well...more like a confession really. I. Love. Legs. I just cant help it. Im on the train this morning...and though it was really cold, that didnt stop a couple of females from coming out in some skirts (praise jeebus!)...Some were out with their legs bare...a few had some see-through stockings...little designs and whatnot...I was going mad! (Not fanatically...foaming out the mouth mad...but..yeah..haha). I just couldnt stop staring. Right around the eyes just slowing following their smooth curves upward. It was crazy! That's when I really had to admit it to myself. Im crazy for legs. I don't think that its even that Im being a sexual deviant or anything (even if Im a major perv...)...I just feel that a woman's legs are like paths to her Eden...

And who doesnt want find paradise? owWwW!!! lmao


1 comment:

Lorean Ashli said...

Path to her Eden,lmao. XD I'm done,lol.