Tuesday, November 3, 2009

False Promises

God damn the mind
that controls these hands
to manipulate these keys
a text
instant message
spouting words ands phrases
into that electronic abyss
which spills out
before hopeful eyes
that sends the mind spinning off
into a dream
heart fluttering
skipping beats
never once contemplating
the soon-to-come confrontation
bringing to light a revelation
that "I didnt mean it".

Ec 11/03/09

*That is something I have to stop...especially when i flirt...I tend to flirt without thinking..and its only way after words have been said, that I stop to think about the possible consequences...which is usually what I just described...



:::the.kisser::: said...

the poor girls heart you're playing with. i'm a flirt too, but i never stop and think. i wonder if that's a bad thing...LOL

loved the piece.

Eddie said...

haha yea its bad...cause then we end up looking like the bad guys.

Eddie said...

or fickle. lol idk